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 Asami Asuka (complete)

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Asami Asuka (complete) Empty
PostSubject: Asami Asuka (complete)   Asami Asuka (complete) EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 11:03 pm

Name: Asami Asuka
Meaning: ASAMI: Japanese name meaning "morning beauty."
ASUKA: Japanese name meaning "tomorrows fragrance."

~Nicknames: None
Pronounced: AH-sa-MI  AH-soo-KAH
Gender: Female
Age (Human): 25
~Sexuality: Strait
Species: Vampire
Clan: Daywalker

Human Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Black
Figure: Extremely Feminine and Attractive
Extra Details: Shes extremely flirtatious and yet she was more terrifying then anything else in the world.... She has a high cpability of martial arts, great speed though not much physical strength but her speed makes up for it...

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: Raining Blood
Rank: 0

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: She is an extremely kind woman and exceptionally powerful. She has been considered to be over emotional.... She is an extremely skilled marksman she can shoot an enemy in the head from over one-hundred yards away.... She is very charitable and shes a little annoying sometimes... But she will never turn her back on her friends.... When she becomes angry everyone loses she grows more and more angry to the point she'll mop up the floor with the first person she sees face.... Shes not particulary fond of werewolves she had a bad encounter with one when she was young making her fear them so when a member of the guild that happens to be a werewolf comes to talk to her she tenses up and gets really nervous..... She was always wearing a sexy skin tight black dress with a split in the hem..... A band was strapped to her leg where she kept a small pistol....

To be revealed in Role Play
Human Image(s): Asami Asuka (complete) Sexy_anime_girl_in_black_dress

~Favorite Saying: None
~Theme Song: Re-education through labor
~Lyrics: In the video
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Asami Asuka (complete)
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