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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)

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Character sheet

Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  Empty
PostSubject: Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)    Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  EmptyTue Apr 21, 2015 11:25 pm

Full Name:Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki
Meaning of Name: Light of the blood moon
*Nickname(s): Kira
*Alias(es): Tsukiyomi Mikoto
*Sexuality: Gay
Sex: Hermaphrodite. Kira truly posses both genders naturally by birth. Capable of both having children and fathering them although to look at him he is by first sight predominately male.  
Species: Moon Deity, Vampire, Pheonix, Unicorn, wolf and Dragon.

Human Appearance
Age: 20
Eye Color: Ice blue violet eyes.
Hair Color: Snow white with hints of light lavender
Type of Build/Body: small delicate and effeminate very deceptive
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125lbs
Distinguishing Marks:
Although it's not a distinguishing Mark it is something about him that is very different. Kira is allergic to human blood, what the vampires call a Crusnik, as well as possessing an unnatural for a vampire body heat and ability to blush.
Faint disappearing and almost an illusion are a set of fading tears at the corners of is eyes, tattoo's marking his marriage to Aoi. On the left side of his neck is a carnation with embossing the 'Forever Brand' but there to save his life making it so that the only blood that has any true sustenance for him is Aoi's alone. Traveling along Kira's inner right wrist is a delicate rose wrapped in a bloody ribbon tattoo. His ears are tattoo'd several times four going along the upper curve of each ear with chains connected down to the three piercings in each lobe. His tongue is pierced four times three bar-bell's in the meat of his tongue and one hoop near the tip of his tongue. He has one last piercing at the upper corner of his left lip looking like a glittering beauty mark. Around his neck beneath the rose and looking like a choker is a veining set of black and red thorns which he wears with honor from when he cast that spell that made Aoi, Neikan and Rei Pureblood vampires.  Aoi's clan mark goes around his left arm the head resting on the back of his left hand and the tail coming up over his shoulders to rest tipped over his right. A dragon in perfect proportion on his frame.
Around his right wrist is a golden bracelet sealing a young demon to him by the name of Drchronos who remains on Tsuin Sekai.

Image(s) For character:
Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  Kira_t10

.:A little Deeper:.
Attitude/Personality: Kira is gentle, warm and loving. Someone who can accept everyone and everything. He has incredible physical strength able to withstand a lot. A masochist he doesn't register pain at all in fact the more you hurt him the more pleasure he feels. He'll heal everyone and destroy himself to save others. That's just his very nature. But as loving as Kira can be he can be just as dark if wronged. Fragile in that aspect violent and willing to cut down anyone or anything that harms him.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Thanks to the very nature of his being that could not be more true. Burn him and he will see you bleeding and destroyed but at that same token it takes an insane amount to burn Kira to the point he lashes out being a very forgiving being one would have to do something he finds absolutely unforgivable....

Noble, regal, wild and independent Kira is a warm and gentle soul, light and beautful warmth a kind and caring mother figure to many nurturing and endearing.

Kira was always a pure and gentle soul having obtained the highest one can go in the celestial kingdom he remained behind choosing to not go on to further enlightenment for the sake of others because of this he saw and fell in love with a mortal by the name of Nihal Vital. He due to several reasons cast aside his role in the celestial kingdom and became mortal but upon going there, It's easy for Kira to maintain his inner l light......so long....as nothing and no one threatens to take Nihal Vital or rather Aoi Rei form him or anyone else he has come to love and cherish. Being a phoenix has gifted him with an incredible voice. His voice is beautiful to listen to, warm and dark low sultry. And he is quiet the singer.

Ruling Information
Ruling Area: Celestial Heaven's/Earth/Moon
Class: Algis/ Qiell/ Kuu-
Description:  The Algis(singular) or Algne (plural) are the first, original Gods who are generators of life and the driving force behind production in the early cosmos/heavens. They are also the Supreme Gods who rule over all other Gods and the Gods of Creation and Life.

The Qiell (translated from Albanian as "Sky" or "Heaven") are Gods who reside over the Sky. While there are often multiple sky Gods, sometimes this position is reserved for a God who is conceived as reigning over others, or at least is one of the most powerful. Qiell are that of a complementary pair between Earth and Sky. The pairs are composed of a Sky father and an Earth mother or a Sky goddess and an Earth god. The Kuu (translated from Estonian as "Moon") are Gods or Goddesses associated with or symbolizing the moon and are an enemy of the Diell. They are often followed by Vesi. Kuu can be either male or female, and are usually held to be of the opposite sex of the corresponding Diell.

Pheonix Appearance
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Golden
Feather Color: Deep Black, Reds, gold's and purples
Type of Build/Body: Small delicate and light
Height: 3'1/2"
Weight: 25lbs
Distinguishing Marks: No real markings on the bird other then natural patterns. Perhaps the most notable thing is that in this form other the other he has the ability to absorb negative energy and purify it releasing it as positive energy back into the world around him and if he dies he combust's into a flames to be reborn from his own ashes not truly dying.
Image(s) For character:
Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  Rising10

Unicorn Appearance
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Red Brown
Fur Color: Deep Black
Mane Color: Streaked Blue-violet white and black
Type of Build/Body: Strong lean and willowy
Horn: Black Diamond
Height: 18 hands high
Distinguishing Marks:None
Image(s) For character:
Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  Blacku10

Wolf Appearance
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Ruby eyed
Fur Color: Pure snow white
Type of Build/Body: Lean muscled and quick footed.
Height: 4 ft
Weight: 55lbs
Distinguishing Marks: none
Image(s) For character:
Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  White_wolf_headshot_for_darkemperess2_by_kfcemployee-d908e7c_zpsicrbhrqe

Half State Appearance
Eye Color: Ice blue violet
Ear color: Silvery white
Type of Build/Body: same as human form
Height: same as human
Weight:same as human
Distinguishing Marks: same as human except he has 'wolf ears' on top of his head.
Image(s) For character:
Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  48672010

Dragon Appearance
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Ice blue tinted with violet
Scale Color: Snow white
Type of Build/Body: Lean solid horse like two sets of wings, long tail multiple spiked golden horns covering the body
Height: Bigger then the Empire State Building and Tokyo Tower but smaller then a mountain.
Weight: Unknown
Distinguishing Marks: The body is covered in scales the wings are smooth leather on the back feathered underneath, from the dragon's nose is a beak and several golden scales wrap around the eyes. Long golden horns come from the jawline the back of the head down the back of the neck traveling all the way down to tip of the tail.. The ridge plates lining the dragon's belly are lined in gold. The dragon has a feathered main with golden accents in the feathers in main and wings.
Attitude/Personality:Gentle, noble, sweet, kind and quiet. This dragon is soft spoken and demure. More likely to curl about it's make and tuck it's wings in then cause problems. The dragon is not the alpha among between itself and it's partner but rather the beta and will follow it's alpha no matter that leads. The white and gold dragon adores it's mate and like all dragons loves truly and fully only one. Having found it's soul mate long ago it is set for life and woe be the fool who attempts to steal the heart of its mate away for then it and only then will you stir the rage of the sleeping dragon. For this dragon will then tear apart any who wish to take what it loves the most away from it.

Species Information
Type: European Dragon
Class: Ancient
Description:     Celestial- They are a very majestic dragon and they are the oldest type of Elemental Dragon known. They are said to have mystical or cosmic powers. The Celestial Dragons are best known for their mentoring demeanor and their desire to help or teach. No weaknesses have been discovered due to their rarity.
Image(s) For character: Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  White_10

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Master in Training
Master in Training

Posts : 419
Join date : 2013-09-29

Character sheet

Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)    Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)  EmptyTue Apr 21, 2015 11:26 pm

Resurrection~Not just himself but others. Kira has the ability to end a person's life and send them into there next cycle of life purging all ailments form the current life and strengthening and forming unbreakable bonds from this one that carry over.

Freeze Time: He has the ability to temporarily stop the flow of time for mere moments no longer then then then (two posts) for everyone around him long enough to cast another spell and alter the fates of those around him.

Mass Absorption~ Kira has the ability to absorb all the damage those around him receive into himself changing it into negative energy and healing it sending it back out once cleansed as clean energy into the world around him.  

Rock the Cradle~ Kira's Ultimate Technique....one that costs him greatly every time he uses it....Kira has the ability to stop the end of the world from happening and take it thousands of years backwards. Resting everything for everyone, giving everyone a second chance to get it right and change things. Everyone proceeds forwards with no memories of the end having nearly happened except for Kira. The price of his casting 'Rock The Cradle' is that no matter how many times he resets it he will always remember all of the failed life times every time they got to a point everything was nearly destroyed and he rocked the rocked the cradle of life and creation sending them all back to a safe point. A point that he alone is doomed to remember for all eternity no matter how much time passes. A weight that may one day break him....

Cradle of Life~ Kira has the ability to at the end of the world catch all life within the cradle of life holding it there while he fixes things being the Phoenix and Dragon it is his destiny to protect life itself living from the beginning of time to the end of time some say alone......


*Special Abilities:

  • Vampiric strength, speed, stamina, healing, agility, durability, reflexes. Due to spending his life in training himself insistently in the arts of combat and dance so as to not worry Aoi and Neikan so much,  he is highly agile able to rebound and flip off of things from great heights, posses a speed that surpasses most Earthian's and intense fighting skills.

  • Lunar Manipulation~The users can control, create and manipulate all aspects of the Moon and use its lunar energy. Given that it is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun, Moons prominence in the sky and its regular cycle of phases have, since ancient times, made the Moon an important cultural influence on language, calendars, art and mythology. For practical reasons the effects Moon has are divide into two groups: those that derive directly from physical facts (Moons gravity-effects, reflective surface, time-keeping, etc.) and those drawing from mythology, folklore and associations.

    Physical Powers Include:
  • Dust Manipulation~ User can generate and manipulate dust particles, or convert one's body into dust, so as to be almost intangible, or to convert others into sentient dust. This ability can even be used to collect dust and make them allergenic, or kick up debris to blind opponents (even making the dust into a very sharp, abrasive whirlwind is possible); the user of this power can even withstand being vaporized , because they can reform their biological structure.

    Other particles in air (electrons, neutrons, protons, small debris, but not atoms and molecules) may also be manipulated to certain extent, depending on the user's level.

  • Earth Manipulation~User can create, shape and manipulate any "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc.

  • Sand Manipulation~Users can control the finely divided rock and mineral particles of earth and control, shape and otherwise manipulate it to their advantage. They can manipulate the density of sand to make it very dense and solid or diffuse and liquid or almost mist-like. User can dehydrate the moisture out of anything containing moisture such as plants, dirt or animals, causing them to crumble into sand/dus

  • Gravity Manipulation affects:The user can control gravitational fields. They can bend gravity to make the environment very “heavy” or “light”, cause objects to “fall” toward another object instead of the earth (“nexus inducing”), flatten objects, and generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion. Often times, users of this ability also possess some form of Darkness-related power, as they can absorb light like a black hole, thus making their gravitational distortions appear black.

    Another capability is to repel and attract objects with the user as the epicenter. Similar to the laws of magnetism, one can repulse matter, and energy regardless of its mass. The user can attract objects as well in a telekinetic manner.

    Offensive uses of this power are to repulse people or objects with such force it could shatter wood, rocks, and human bones, and to increase gravity to crush opponents or decrease it to render them defenseless. A defensive use is to create a gravitational force-field repelling objects and attacks.
  • Lunar Constructs, including weapons, walls, or allies/servants.Users can turn lunar energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.

  • Reflection Manipulation~ User can manipulate reflections, by controlling and/or using mirrors and/or reflecting surfaces that can be used to reflect/redirect attacks. Users can turn the reflections into real objects/beings, turn mirrors and reflections into prisons, storage-places or dimensions of their own use, manipulate space into reflections, and so on.

  • Time Manipulation ~The user can manipulate the flow of time of a general area or a specific target in various manners, the basics revolving around accelerating, slowing, stopping and even rewinding or looping. The range of area affected is proportional to the mastery of the user, with top levels can affect the entire space and time continuum.

    Since "time" exists and flows within "space", the two are interrelated, and by manipulating time, one is basically distorting space proportionally. The effects of this relative distortion can vary, such as controlling time of a mere object or person may not affect the space they reside in, but to twist the time-stream of a region of space can cause the area itself to warp. Due to time existing in one space, manipulating it cannot affect another dimension.

*Other: (any other information you may want to include)

    Mythical Powers include:
  • Emotion Manipulation~Users can cause targets to feel uptight, scared, happy or relaxed: similar to Mind Control because it does influence thought process, but in a different manner, Mind Controllers are able to change people's thoughts, Emotion Manipulators are able to change the way someone perceives a thought. This versatile power may be used to make friends as a manner of Social Cloaking, or to enliven slacking allies. Potent emotions like love and loathing are more difficult to induce, but can be extremely useful. May be able to cause targets to laugh or cry uncontrollably, or may alter one's ability to feel any emotion.

  • Eternal Night Inducement ~The user is able to prevent the sun from rising, effectively creating a permanent night.

  • Fertility and blood are connected to Lunar forces.

  • Illusion Awareness ~Users are completely aware at all times of the true reality around them, potentially seeing through any optical and/or mental illusions that others attempt to deceive them with.

  • Illusion Manipulation~ User can trick people into perceiving unreal things, illusions are not tangible, but can be very realistic to subjects. Kira though has mastered it to the point they have become tangible and can be very very deadly.

  • Lunar Empowerment ~Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come in contact with moonlight, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Kira is able draw sustenance from the moon.

  • Lunar Energy Manipulation ~The ability to manipulate energy within kinetic atoms, protons, neutrons, or electrons and convert the energy into heat, light, or sound. The user can move, alter, or stop energy in themselves, objects, beings, or space. Users can convert one type of energy into another, store it within their bodies, and release it upon command. Some users can create objects from pure energy, or project it out in other forms. A user may be able to absorb ambient energy convert it into life-force and live solely off of that, especially in supremely hostile situations.
         Lunar Energy Barriers
         Lunar Energy Blasts
         Lunar Energy Constructs
     Modify moon phases
     Nocturnal Animal Manipulation

  • Healing~ User can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health, curing broken or withered plants, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases. They can’t raise the dead, however reviving people if they have very recently died may be possible. Small wounds will regenerate new tissue, large wounds like missing limbs and broken bones need to be put back together if the injury is fresh, or they can be regenerated by advanced healers.

  • Flawless Restoration: to rapidly heal and restore the emotions and spirits of others. They can cure detrimental emotions, heal trauma, lift mental barriers, insanity, and emotional pain.

  • Healing Tears: to heal others with tears.

  • Healing Touch: to heal others by physical contact.

  • Health Optimization: to sense and assess a person's health and then heal any problems the user finds. This is a sub-form Psychometry since a user is understanding about the person's health, likely their history.

  • Mental Healing: to heal illnesses of the mind and restore them to their mental condition.

  • Wound Transferal: to transfer the wounds off a sufferer to on their own bodies, and either heal from that, or transfer the wound on to another.

  • Lunakinetic Combat ~The user can use the power of the moon in physical combat. The user can also invoke moon energy magics to various uses.

Some stories have him being born from a tear brushed out of Izanagi-no-Mikoto's eye at a river side. Others have him being created form a white copper mirror he had been holding in his hand. In truth the man he's named after and himself are two tottally different beings although they are both dieties. Both having the same name. And Tsukiyomi is the moon deity but of the blood moon.

His sister ferious with him for falling in love with a mortal moved the sun far away from the moon but that didn't stop him form feeling the way he did about Aoi, about Nihal Vital. So much so that Tsukiyomi cast aside his place in the celestral kingdom to always watch over those who walked and choose to be reborn as a mortal as Kiramekiko. Although his life as Kira would not be the warm and carefree life he had before.

As Kira he had fallen in love again but watched as Aoi fell to darkness due to the cruel intentions of his father. Kira in turn cast himself further into the past in order to save Aoi, and did although his choices came with a price. Because he removed himself form the celestrial heavens another was 'born' to take his place the 'Moon-eater' Tsuki who used and abused him trying to become one with him for although he took Kira's place in the celetrial kingdom he did not have the true power of the one born of the moon itself.

Beaten and raped by the man who would become his father in rebirth Kira became cold heartless and merciless only to be cast into the future where he met a much older Aoi who saved him, and asked him to tell him that he loved him and to live for him. And when cast back into the past Kira did just that although he no longer remembered Aoi at the time. The reason he had put himself in this postion or even that he is Tsukiyomi.

But life became complicated for him from there as Tsuki ferious that Kira had found his way to Aoi and could not stop him split him into three pieces and kept them apart. Born again as Kira he was once again used and abused and this cycle would continue throughout time always finding himself being reborn again and always finding himself being raped by the man he would call father. Hardships followed him throughout life but hte one thing remained the same his love for Aoi.

Over time they have had there ups and downs but currently Aoi has been freed of what his Vampiric father has done to him has had his emotions returned to him and as such Amaterasu has become aware that Kira no longer needs to save the man who is to rule over the earth's vampires and now Tsuin Seikai she has ever intention of bringing Tsukiyomi home before anything else happens to him and returning to him to his place in the celestrial kingdom where he belongs.....problem is that is not where he wants to be....cast out ten years ago due to a choice he had made only to have Aoi find him again and beg him to return. And Kira did, watched as he became a child but before he was to be reborn again and become a child to purge the last of the darkness Kira had taken Aoi's face within his hands and promised this sad gentle man that he would wait for his return wait for him to grow up and come back to him for there was no other for Kira. Nothing could change Kira's love for Aoi no matter how many trials and tribulations were thrown between them, no matter how many times each of them died, even the times Kira had died and been reborn or what reality he was from one unshakable truth remained. Kira loves Aoi with all that he is.

Kira was reborn years later in July 1993 to a Noble vampire parents Pureblood Noble twins. Normally twins when born are allowed to exist for the first year of life then at the end of the first year the twins are made to battle each other and the strongest is determined by consuming the weaker of the two. However with Eri and Kira such was not the case. The twins were not made to battle and consume one another instead they were kept in secret and well groomed year after year Eri being a normal vampire and Kira being a rare vampire a crusnik with a unnatural body heat to him. When the twins were twelve human years old they were brought from Japan to America to the Castle there as were countless others to be displayed before the Royals.

It was said that Aoi cared for nothing none of the other vampires that were walking around as he was to choose which one he wanted for his own personal bed slave, for his own personal feeding slave. Which made them even more rare. But instead of killing off one of the twins it was decided to keep them both alive. During the time Aoi cared for none of them until he laid eyes on the twins. One with white tipped red hair the other with snow white hair. One of the other nobles of the court was after the twins and he would destroy them. Aoi spotted them and told his father in no uncertain terms he had chosen the slaves he wanted. And it was them. Kira and Eri were pulled out of the others drug over to the brander and made to hold out there right arm once pinned down frightened and shaking Kira closed his eyes as the man went to work using ink dark magic and Aoi's blood to engrave the rose, black ribbon and bloody imaging on the inside of his right arm the bloody rose. Aoi's crest. It was placed upon Eri as well.

At that point the twins were supposed to go to him but Aoi didn't want them then he sent them home with there parents telling there parents that when he called for them they were to be sent to him. He never called.

Several years later had the twins bouncing around night clubs under the care of another as there mother and father had disappeared and put them underground. The twins didn't know the owner of the brand in there arm only that many a vampire who say it backed way off once seeing it. It had kept Kira and Eri out of a lot of trouble however Kira had developed a rather nasty tendency.....he refused to feed. He was terrified of feeding of hurting others by feeding.

At the House of Cards they met Aoi and Neikan for a concert to which they were invited and watched them play and it was there that Aoi Rei got the timid Kira to do what no other could he got Kira to feed. Days later he heard Kira sing and promised him that he would tell no one and keep Kira's voice to him self and later still......he finally told Kira that the brand of the slave in his arm was Aoi's and that he didn't want Kira as a slave he wanted Kira's love, it was then that Kira told him having already kissed him through the half mask Aoi always wore that he loved him.

Time progressed Eri was attacked, and an elder brother to the twins surfaced and attacked Eri as well then later Kira stealing Kira's eyes to which Aoi stole his in return and then Aoi gave Kira the Ultimate gift, he had Neikan take out his own eyes and give them to Kira and Aoi took Kira's older brother's for his own. Later Lilith appeared and tormented Neikan and Kira nearly keeping Kira forever poisoning his heart to Aoi which he finally broke free from then Tsuki made his appearance and Aoi fought him several times the final time after Tsuki took and captured Kira raping and abusing him Aoi consumed Tsuki only to have Tsuki attempt to kill Kira from beyond the grave through him and once again Aoi managed to save him.

Years later a war broke out and in order to save everyone Kira died casting a spell that turned himself into stone and shattered to be reborn later but by that time Aoi's heart had fallen to darkness and Kira had forgotten who he was again Neikan found him and woke Kira up then Kira went to save Aoi.....something of a trend with the two of them. One of them dying and being reborn but always, always Kira and Aoi would find there way back to each other over and over again.
Time passes as it always does and to date things have gotten rocky Lilith has managed to once again cause problems for all of them and Eri who had never recovered fully from Hishohen's attack on him always weak always suffering and sleeping quiet often finally decided to do what Kira had refused him so long ago. He choose on his own to rejoin with Kira. It was a little known secert one that Eri Kira's twin was well aware of he was born but should have never been. A fragment a glimmer giving life and thought of it's own a separation from Kira who like him loved Aoi just the same. Eri with the last of his strength one night came to Kira and while his gentle 'twin' slept wounded him in such a way that Kira would take in all that Eri was finally allowing Eri to pass on into the after life and become Kira as he wished to all along.

Kira rejected this having woken to realizing he had completely consumed his twin brother. That Eri was gone and a part of him now, causing a discord within himself that would be felt by those around him but none more then Aoi as it also caused the sleeping form inside of Kira to waken due to the fact he split it when he gave form to Eri. The dragon's intense undying love for Aoi and jealousy, the inability to completely merge with Kira due to Kira's refusal to accept the fact that Eri choose this instead of letting Kira help him and heal him. Kira listened as Eri pleaded with Aoi and Kira's heart broke for his beloved husband and twin as Eri said his final goodbye to Aoi and Aoi spoke of missing him of his heart breaking knowing that when he walked past Eri's room it would be empty had known for a while that it was empty devoid of Eri's being there.

In the end Aoi stepped forwards and pulled Kira into his arms holding him and telling him it was alright. Kira being the gentle fragile man that he was showed himself to be true to be the man Aoi missed instead of the man who had been lashing out lately and started crying shaking his head and saying no over and over again. Kira would have continued to deny it if not for Aoi's ability to reason with Kira where all other's failed. Aoi promised Kira that Eri was not truly gone but safe now, that Eri was no longer in pain because his soul was now with Kira safe and sound with Kira. And that some day perhaps Eri would return to them instead of as a echo of life given form by Kira's love and desire to keep his twin, instead as a child to them as a son.

Kira had looked up at Aoi then seeing the undying love of his husband who until that point he had feared he was loosing little by little day by day due to the labors of there stations as rulers of the vampires and nodded. Throwing his arms around Aoi's neck and kissed his beloved husband before resting against him in the snowy garden and singing. He heard and knew Aoi was right some day when they were both ready for another child perhaps that child would be Eri returned to them.....this time with a proper life, this time as a proper part of the family and unhurt and unwounded by the cruelty of another.

Now the wheels of fate continue to turn. Things continue to happen around them and it's all Kira can do to hold onto Aoi and the others....he will if he has to....rest everything to save everyone and carry more of the knowledge that everyone that he loves was nearly lost once again....the one thing he holds onto the most is Aoi Kira can handle all the memories in the world all the attempts to get it right so long as he has Aoi Rei....Neikan Chi had once said that Kira's love for Aoi is nearly crippling. In the face of it no one can do Aoi any harm if it was a physical shield it would be indestructible.....for it was pure and unwavering. There is noting in this world or the next that could ever take Aoi's place in his heart, that could ever make him forget his love for Aoi not even one of Ceri's arrow's could change his love for Aoi to another.....that is simply how powerful his feelings for that man is.......undying. Not even Aoi himself can destroy what Kira feels for him.....
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Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki (Rebooted)
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