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 Laws of the Shadow Lands

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Laws of the Shadow Lands Empty
PostSubject: Laws of the Shadow Lands   Laws of the Shadow Lands EmptySun Apr 26, 2015 11:36 pm

The laws of the Tenma are few but simple they are a fighting race driven by very few rules fighting is determined to balance many things. There is no such evil as rape, if one dies in a fight there is no vengeance, or wrongful death, there are only three rules and one is more of a warning then a rule......

Challenge of Rank: Those of Lower Rank may not Challenge those of higher Rank for Submission, to do so is to insult the higher ranking Tenma. And even should they cheat and win they will default to loss and become the bonded slave.

Upset the Shadows- Any Tenma caught taking or causing actions that will upset the balance of the shadow lands and cause the destruction downfall and death of all those who reside in the land of Shadows will loose all Rank title and position and be cast to the lowest of the ranks as a Sinner. They shall be killed upon sight by all of there brothers and there shall be no forgiveness unless the King himself can reinstate one's position title and rank among the Tenma.

Obedience to one's Master- Once Bonded to another Tenma the shackle no matter the form forces the Tenma to comply with the masters will disobeying can cause everything from extreme pain up to and including death. Obedience is complied to all who are bond no matter what rank they previously held. For example if one becomes bound regardless if they were Kronos before if they are bound to a equal rank 1 they have no choice but to obey or be punished. They will also be punished equally for any crimes they commit while wearing the bond and doing as there master wishes for they can not state if it is by there free will or not, they can not speak against their master.
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Laws of the Shadow Lands
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