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 Legend of War

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Only when the being of chaos had finally relented and given up his desires of complete destruction did he meet the being who desired only war....

Born from the God of Destruction's desire to create mayhem and the opposition of the God of Peace and God of Love, the God of War sought only to stand by the God of Destruction's side.

He lost many favors of the other gods when he was born and he revealed his true colors. The god of Peace disagreed greatly with his desires, but he was given a city to rule as he saw fit. However, as time passed, this wasn't enough and so he followed his original desire to stand by the God of Destruction's side. He sought out this god, and became friends. The God of War's coaxing changed the God of Destruction's mind, reawakening his desire to destroy and cause chaos resurfaced and they began to drive the world into darkness.

War, strife, famine and chaos plagued the Earth. Together, these things all brought about the birth of the being who would walk hand in hand with them. This being was the youngest of now five brothers. This being would later become known as Death.

It took the birth of Death to make the friends realize the state they had put the Earth in. Once their eyes were opened, they sought out the eldest of the brothers. Together, they made a deal to walk hand in hand with the youngest of the brothers, their cousin, to keep the balance of a world they had sent plummeting into darkness. And so it was done.

Walking hand in hand, Destruction, War, and Death became the balance to a world that was once considered an Eden, a paradise full of nothing but peace. It's said that when the world begins to plummet into darkness once again, they will reappear on the Earth to once again become the balance to the eldest brother's peace.
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Legend of War
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