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 Raining Blood Hunting Guild [Remake]

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Basic Information
Name: Raining Blood [A hunters Guild]

  • Leader- The Leader of this hunting guild is without a doubt the absolute strongest in it. Their job consists of doing paperwork, gathering and distributing jobs accordingly and making sure that all payments have been given for completed jobs. They are also responsible for reporting the issues to Aoi.
  • Second In Command- The second in command is responsible for training recruits, fortifying guild defenses and doing paper work. It also means to take care of the guild members by making their meals and cleaning the guild.
  • Trackers- These hunters specialize in tracking regardless of how they do it. Whether using magic, special powers, or just good old fashioned survival skills it is their job to track down hard to find criminals.
  • Undertakers- The undertakers are in charge of the morgue. They rarely leave the guild house. Their job consists of cleaning and maintaining corpses for pickup and payment. They are without a doubt strange people but they still are rather skilled at what they do, some even enjoy it.
  • Killer- As their name suggests these are the members that excels in combat of any type, some are stronger than others but all have decent combat ability.
  • Guards- As their title suggests these people are decent in strength. They are the ones that prevent problems. As with the nature of this occupation the members make enemies but to get to them they have to go through the guards first.
  • Elite- This is a blend of them all. They can do all of the skills of the other ranks at some level. The can fight, tracks, or even be on the level of the guild's leader.

Chosen Leader: Asami Asuka.

Chosen Second: Hisui Kishi.

Leader Information
-Leader's Rank: Leader.

-Leader's Character Link: Asami Asuka

-Second in Command's Rank:

-Second's Character Link: Hisui Kushi

History, Intentions, Description
History: The Raining Blood hunters guild is an old organization that was around when the first vampires were noticed. The chain of command has been shifted at least six times at this point and they today are still at large. There has always been at least one human, vampire, or werewolf that hates something and wants them killed. So the guild's original purpose of killing vampires has shifted to hunting whatever it is you want as long as you were also doing regular jobs. They provide you with whatever type of weapons and supplies you need in order to do your job. Most of the time a pair of two hunters are stuck together until they have proven themselves. Whereas when they have reached that level they have proven they are skilled enough to take on jobs by themselves if they so choose. The original leader of this guild was a skilled hunts woman that killed many vampires after her son was killed by one. She started this when she was able to kill a vampire by herself and had proof that vampires existed so she started a training camp for the people of her town then they grew into a guild where they supplied the necessary skills and items to the general public in order to protect themselves. This woman's name was Kisara and she lost her child to vampires so she did what she thought she had too, the guild was born out of vengeance. When you join them they will often give you a badge with a different symbol depending on your personality type and your story.... There is a total of three badge types.... A cat devouring a snake meaning the hunter has become the prey... A lion resting under a tree meaning that you're a restless hunter.... and a soaring eagle meaning you're prepared for anything.

Intentions: Originally the guild was formed to hunt and kill vampires, but now they hunt anything depending on what you want to hunt. They also supply regular jobs to the general public and trained jobs for the trained and for the exceptionally skilled there was the hunts. Their main intention is to make money and to supply hunters with what they need. The money they make goes to a variety of things a lot of it goes to charities and an orphanage owned by the guild. sixty percent of the money made by the hunters are given to the leader to distribute to the charities and to help fix up the orphanage which also includes advertisements to make the children there known.

Description: As stated before, this is a hunter's guild it originally supplied vampire hunters but now it is a hunter's guild to supply to anyone that's willing to train and hunt. They hunt vampires, werewolves, vampwolves, etc. They are a group of people who have been hurt by the selected species somehow or someway.
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Raining Blood Hunting Guild [Remake]
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