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PostSubject: Current Plot   Current Plot EmptySat Oct 22, 2016 4:55 am

  • After six centuries of what seemed like endless turmoil, Aoi and Kira's relationship has become stable, the vampires have become more accepting and open to human interaction and human inclusion and they have began to build upon their growing relationship with the humans. They have began to prosper in other ways outside of the slave trade and wars amongst one another.

  • The Magical Council was created and has been working to set up peace between all of the magical races in hopes of unifying all of the magical creatures under one central government as the humans have done in many of their countries.

  • Reapers have made their presence known in the world and have been working closely with one another to ensure the future of the earth will remain bright. Reapers have began to make appearances to humans and other magical creatures, all while attempting to maintain the balance in the universe.

  • Peace is slowly spreading, but where there is peace, there is always something or someone lurking in the shadows to upset the already delicate balance between peace and war.
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Current Plot
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