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 Site Exclusive Currencies

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Site Exclusive Currencies
Many of you may have noticed that there is a display of currencies listed under the title of "Money" below the statistics of a person's profile. These currencies, once understood, can be used to purchase special items, character features, potions and more. Before you can purchase something though, you must first understand the currency types, what they can be used for and what they cannot be used for. In this description, we will explain everything about these currencies and what each of them do in the game.

Site Exclusive Currencies Coin_010
Silver is a common currency in the game. It is used to purchase all kinds of things such as common potions or common weapons. You can gain silver by working a normal job, having it donated by a staff member, completing special tasks in the game, earning it during events, or by successfully stealing it during a robbery.

Blood Coins
Site Exclusive Currencies Coin_012
Blood Coins or Blood Money is a less common currency in the game. They are used to purchase exclusive potions, items and weapons. Blood Coins are typically acquired through events or they are given as a special reward for completing special tasks in the game.

Blood Coins or Blood Money is created using Blood Ore. Once the ore is obtained, it can be combined with a multitude of metal ores (such as iron) to create a red metal that is often called Crimson Metal.

Halite Crystals
Site Exclusive Currencies Gems_013Site Exclusive Currencies Gems_014Site Exclusive Currencies Gems_015Site Exclusive Currencies Gems_016
Halite Crystals are an incredibly rare currency found in the game. Their rarity is measured based on their color, as with most gems in real life. The mineral of Blue Halite is increasingly rare in reality and is especially so when it is from New Mexico in the United States.

Given their rarity, Blue Halite Crystals are not something that you will come across every day. The prime way to earn these rare crystals would be to mine for them. However, it is possible for them to be obtained through special events held on the site. Blue Halite Crystals can also be donated by the site staff should they be in the mood to give.

Other colors of Halite Crystals are more common and are able to be mined as well.

Blue Halite Crystals can be used to purchase sacred items or to purchase event exclusive items. Halite Crystals of any color can also be used to create highly expensive jewelry. Regular Halite can be ground in order to create salt.
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Site Exclusive Currencies
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