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 Governing Bodies

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There are three (3) major governing bodies that rule over the magical world and multiple factions that govern the non-magical world. This is a quick, simplified rundown of all of the types of governing bodies that are at work in the Magical world so that you may understand their roles a little.

  • International Order of Races: The International Order of Races is an intergovernmental organization. Seats on the International Order of Races are determined by the leader of the Order itself.

    The International Order of Races is headed by a person who holds the title of Justiciar. The first appointed Justiciar is unknown as the records were destroyed or lost. It is unclear as to who originally founded the Order.

  • Magic Council: The Magic Council (M.C.) is the main governing body of the magical community in Europe and Asia. It is composed of a representative from each race and they are headed by a leader known as the Head of Council.

    The Council is responsible for regulating and enforcing laws for the magical community of Europe and Asia, as well as keeping the peace between all of the creatures and races under their rule.

  • Order of the Reaper: The Order of the Reaper (O.o.T.R) (also known among reapers as the Library of Souls or simply The Council) is the main governing body of the reaper community with the intention of enforcement and preservation of Reaper Law. The Order connects the International Order of Races and the Magic Council to the Reaper world. The headquarters are presumed to exist somewhere deep underground in Russia. The Order is composed of a team of advisors and they are headed by a leader known as a Strategos.

    The Order was created as an answer to the desire for order and a governing body that rules over Death as he was considered to be too powerful on his own. However, it became apparent very quickly that no one could rule Death. The Order was involved in the Statute of Secrecy passed by the International Order of Races. To this day, the Order maintains part of their ideas when it comes to keeping their existence as secret as possible.
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Governing Bodies
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