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 Fear the Dark

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PostSubject: Fear the Dark   Fear the Dark EmptyMon May 29, 2017 10:43 pm

It was funny the absence of light, no matter how much time he could never get used to it.....his time seeing the light was small, minute almost none existent in comparison. He was soaked from head to foot, his hair plastered to his face. He could not tell what time was it was, nor did he know what day it was....the last time one came in here they had told him he had been in here for three days now. His back was he didn't know if it was water, sweat or his own blood that he was soaked in anymore. The wounds stung for a while but now they just burned and went numb. Even when he heard the door open no light even sliver entered this abysmal darkness. His arms held painfully out to his sides he was on his toes. There was no relief from the constant mind numbing ache and burn in his arms and legs.

He heard the solid sound of the the heavy door scraping along the floor. The sound of foot steps entering and the door closing. The shrill whirling sound of something flying through the air and then pain....then there was light colors exploding behind his eye lids and he grunted in pain over and over again as each strike found it's mark up and down his back. Over his legs. He didn't know how long they kept it up only that it was....merciless the first strike rapidly followed by the second and third. Then it was over at least that part. He heard the sound of rustling and closed his eyes.Not that it made any difference in this endless unyielding darkness. Brutal hands gripped his hips lifting him up off of the ground and he clenched his teeth.......blocking out what happened next....he had then too.

To break the light they had called it then. Always though when the only one who had seemed to care about him wasn't there. This was different and he knew it.....they had made the comment that no one who cared about him was in this place. There was no emotion in this caring about him, his feelings wither or not he enjoyed it.......he only came to realize there was more then one in the room with him as they rotated out. One after another until he cried out only to be silenced. As they spoke over and over again that the act meant nothing, it was simply him serving his purpose as a living breathe toy and doll. As a slave or servant to a master. There was no love for him at all and never would be. Fingers pulled and yanked at his hair and then they were gone letting him go. He coughed his legs trembled as he felt his arms being pulled back up even tighter then before until he was just on his toes....the sound of there laughter faceless voices in the dark as they told him it was now a week and half they had let him rest a couple of days he should be grateful for that little bit. One yanked his head back and forced his mouth open and poured something fowl down his throat. He chocked on it but in the end had no other choice but to swallow it.

Then they were gone and the brief rustling sound loud...painfully the door opening and closing then nothing but the sound of his own breathing. Emotions......were worthless things weren't they? Love? What place did that have in his heart? He was a fool who loved and was not loved in return. Had no disillusion that he would be loved by anyone. Hope......hope was for someone who believed that there was something in this world for. Worth caring about. Did he care? No....he had dared to try to care for a very short period of time but he pushed too much asked too much.....he hadn't wanted the other to love him he doubted there was anyone or anything out there that could love him. Want? Everything just proved he was one who should not want for anything........a voice echoed in his ears that no one was just given a place in this world that they had to fight for it and make it....did not one he meet prove that to him? No. Not at all....his short time with others had not really proved anything to him.

More time passed more.....and more of the same......until it wasn't. The sound of a scream echoing into the darkness a terrified scream......


The one he came across was hung in the air before him this complex was huge....not a castle more like a fortress so very large and complex. The man was hanging in the air having tried to hurt him to gut him really the man's claws had ripped through the layers of his white and purple kimono right down to his stomach and tore him open.......only he didn't give this man the satisfaction that he wanted he didn't scream in pain or terror at being wounded he had cried out in restrained pleasure the more and more that man attacked him wounded him the more he thrilled in it. Until he'd had enough and now the man was hanging in the air before him.

"You really shouldn't get me wound up. I'm not supposed to be fighting......but I want to play with you now." The deep low husky voice spoke in a heady sensual purr.....pain did not have the desired effect on him never did. He brought his hand up and licked his own blood off of his fingertips. "I only wanted to ask you a question you see we came here for one took someone who doesn't belong to you and we want him think I'm frightening? You haven't met my brothers or husband......but the terror you feel now will be nothing if you hurt him........I'd hate to be you or the rest if you have there's no telling just what he'll do to you. He'll snap for sure......but if you broke that chylde.....well...." The figure paused and reached up pulling back the scarf that covered incredibly beautiful effeminate features. Shoulder length messy long white hair with natural lavender and rose highlights fell about his features, pale lavender eyes locked with the man floating in the air bent back.

"Fuck you I'm not telling you anything."
The man gasped in pain and the figure frowned.

"You're not my type at all..... he said frowning as the guy sneered and the room shifted despite the pain he was in he was pulling what he believed to be the figure's nightmare..........but the man standing there just sighed and walked up to him. "Fool.....Illusions don't work on me. Harming me won't work......but I'm the least of your and yours......have never met anyone to fear like him and it's not my husband.....if you think we tamed that fiery red head your sorely mistaken.....he behaves because he enjoys his connections to us. But I assure you.....he's still very much the 'red-haired demon of the underworld' you should fear."

The man tried one last time to hurt him and although he wasn't supposed to fight........just this once he dirtied his hands and killed the man. He wasn't getting anything out of him then turned as he looked at the building it was a strong hold for this clan they knew had taken them weeks to find him because they kept moving him. They had seen one other that this man had taken a fancy badly broken not even the figure himself could repair the damage.....his ability to flawlessly restore a person meant nothing he could not restore something that had been utterly destroyed in a persons heart and soul.....he looked up at the blood red moon over head and closed his eyes. He would wait out here stop any of them from getting away to call more....there purpose here today was to get the chylde after today though.........they'd deal with the problem.

Not much time had passed and the door opened again they weren't speaking but they seemed to be in a rush. Something thick was shoved into his mouth and they yanked that bag over his head again. Then.....he jerked as something unforgiving burning hot was ran through each open wound sealing it shut burning them closed. If they thought he'd scream he wouldn't....all it would do was please them. He had no idea at all that there rush was for another reason altogether. They after with the freshly burned shut wounds over his back and legs bound him and he was thrown over a shoulder something about needing to change locations and then they were wasn't the first time. But he never knew what that change was just a room.....a complete change of place they never set him down until they got there and re-chained him....
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PostSubject: Re: Fear the Dark   Fear the Dark EmptyTue May 30, 2017 4:03 am

They dispelled the darkness and turned to leave only to freeze as the door burst open and standing there was a red-haired man with pale blue eyes full of such a cold unyielding fury the likes of which they had never seen. A darkness that rivaled there own. On either side of him was two slobbering growling beast the likes of which they'd never seen.

"I hope you know..." he began lowly as he put a hand on the heads of the Upir beside him. "You've made me very, very angry..."

They'd freeze looking at him and the Upir the biggest and burliest of them with Misute's tiny frame naked covered in blood and the faint sight of the ends of burn lines slung over his shoulder bound and gaged slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "Angry? You have no business here we've merely taken back what belongs to our ruler. He was supposed to be trained out weren't capable of it. Take the one who belongs to you he's further in but this one does not belong to you."

Misute bag over his head gagged could say nothing but he opened his eyes within the canvas bag..........that voice? why he was told there was nothing out there all of his life that truly cared if he lived or died. They used him touched him without did Sarubia but he was here and he angry. Misute was so weak and his body hurt but he didn't try to move.....he'd only hurt himself further.

"No one..." he began lowly as he ran his hands along the heads of the Upir. "Touches what belongs to me. And no one...steals from me!" he exclaimed as he lowered his hands down to his side. "Kill the others...leave the one holding Misute...he's mine..." he commanded lowly, coldly as the dogs nodded and sprung into action. There were two more in there with him, but he had set them loose on the others to go find Kuri.

The brute watched as his companions tried to fight back against the Upir to no avail they were lost quickly no match against the hounds. He looked at Sarubia. "Belongs to you? Your mistaken our ruler has right of blood beyond yours to retake any time he wishes what is his. He's a belonging that was on loan to any who held him now he's been taken back. Care about him emotions? Are worthless this one is nothing more then a toy, a pretty little treasure to be used and put away when your done." he said sneering. "Your in one of the boxes it's kept in after all." He stressed it.......Misute.........had lived in a world devoid of emotions of people who cared about him but one.......and that one was kept away from him as much as possible.

"I warn you now. You don't know the fire you're playing with..." he said as his crimson gaze all but burned into the one before him. "You've taken not only my brother...but you've taken something that you will die for..." he said.

"I'm not a kind man. Many know this, yet you've not only laid eyes upon him, touched him, but you've laid eyes on his naked body, been inside of him...and for this...your fucking head is going to way...or the other...I will fucking end you..."

"It's body?" he laughed as he moved lowering him and holding him by his throat against himself he pulled the bag from his head revealing a blindfold to make certain he'd never see light the gag. "This thing? Your after this thing?" He looked at him and smirked. Misute was lip in his arms. "Kind no....I don't believe you know how to be kind to anyone or anything but..." He reached up and grabbed his hair lifting him and turning him showing off the horrid mess of burned flesh going from his shoulders down to his mid thighs burns that would never heal. "He's worthless to you a broken doll to be used and tossed aside. Take your brother and......" he paused as the sound of the explosion further in. But Sarubia was here he had no idea that was Kuri having finally gathered enough of there powers and freed himself as the Upir found him........and now..there would be hell to pay for them there as well as he was pissed.....originally raised as if a beast......he'd kill them all and go back to how they found him. How Sarubia help him find himself too.

"He has a name you piece of shit," he snapped coldly as he began to move towards the one who was only serving to lengthen the amount of time Sarubia would take to torture him before he died. "I am not a kind man to you, to those who don't mean a damn thing to me...but when you make the mistake of messign with things you don't own and things that are important to me...that's when you fuck up..." he said as he came to a stop a few feet away from the one he had been 'talking' to.

"You would have done better to take me in place of both of them...because now...I'm not angry...I'm pissed..." he said lowly, but it was a tone that was, for lack of a better term, evil.

The man moved his hand and grabbed Misute's throat and held him as if to crush it should Sarubia but move. He narrowed his eyes as it caused the boy's head to bend slightly back due to the size of his hand. "Not another move out of you. Or your hounds. He'll be dead before you can." he said squeezing. Arms bound behind his back legs bound together it was the only thing he could do and that was listen. "I told you he's broken beyond anything you can repair. You'll fight to take back a useless doll to you?" He sneered. "And take you give me a break......that would imply he's worth more then you and he's worthless."

Sarubia narrowed his eyes. That done it. Those last words made him snap as a smile spread across his features and he laughed. It was a dark sound, the sound you hear from a psycho or a devil. "Assuming you're not as dumb as you look, you can figure it out, right?" he mused lowly as he looked at the one before him. "That you should have taken me...because your entire idiot clan wouldn't have had to die..."

"Excuse me?" he said as he squeezed Misute's neck. "Maybe you don't get it there's nothing left for you with this thing. Kill us? For something that was never truly yours to begin with!" He said as scowled at Sarubia. "You go find your brother and walk away. This thing is ours."

He laughed again, lowly, darkly. It was a dry, angry sound. "You seem to fail to understand your situation..." he said as he stopped laughing. "You're in here with me...alone...and I have all of the time in the world to play with you..."

"I fail to understand? What part of if you move if you try anything I'll kill this thing you want so badly." he said looking at him. "I'm going to leave here because I won't loose any sleep if I break this toy but you will." He sneered at Sarubia as he started to squeeze only to have his hand spasm open. Kira was not inside but he was there and he turned his gaze to Sarubia and what was going on with him now.....this place was not so big as to be too much for him. The brute watched the child's body fall only to set down before Sarubia. Still bound and gagged but he looked at his hand which was.....broken open. "What the hell happened?? You I know for a fact do not have that sort of power you can only steal the powers of those in the room with you!"

His smile spread further as he chuckled in dark amusement. "Ah...but you don't know who I've been in a room with before you?" he questioned lowly as he kneeled down and cut the binds that held Misute. When Misute had mobility, he stood back and looked at the one he had set his sights on. "While it's true that I myself didn't do anything to you this time...the things I'm going to do to you now...will be much worse..."

"Nothing you did? You can't see in absolute darkness fool." He scowled. "I can easily do to you what we did that that pansy of a brother of yours. He fought until but whined like a bitch in heat once we got him here." He started laughing as he held out his hand the unbroken one as a pitch black sphere formed there.

Misute moved slowly reaching up to remove the gag and blindfold his eyes hurt from the light and his voice forget it. He looked at them......the look in Sarubia's eyes.

"And that thing is nothing but a broken toy what's stopping you from taking him and trying to leave?" He laughed. "Nothing more know you can't."

"Oh I could leave right now...but letting you live? Isn't happening..." he mused lowly as he looked at the one who was threatening to engulf the entire room in total darkness. "By all means...take the light out of the room...but I'll still see you...because I can..."

He laughed. "You can see me? Give me a break! Not even the brat there can see in absolute darkness."
"I can." Misute finally spoke but his voice wasn't shaky it didn't sound broken pained yes....hoarse but broken no. "I have been able to for a long time said he can use the powers of anyone in the room with him...." Misute looked over at him. "I awoke to all of mine.....I can't control them.....but.......he can."
The man started laughing and plunged the cell back into absolute darkness.....Misute sat there........he didn't try to move but he wasn't lying either light......darkness and twilight he had awoken to them but had no control over the darkness or twilight yet...however that had no effect on Sarubia. His powers any power he came into contact with was his. Kuri wasn't much different only he didn't have to spend a short period of time in the room with them just in the radius of the power he wanted to grab. That was the only difference they had the brothers.......Misute learned that over the few months with them. The screams in the building were fading out.........he had no idea that meant between the Upir and Kuri all there was left was less then a handful....and they were running.

Sarubia's crimson gaze remained stationary, his eyes starting to give off a faint glow. An eerie sight, he was certain, to see in total darkness. Nothing but a pair of crimson eyes staring back at you. "I warned you...and you didn't listen..." he mused lowly. "I've been in this game a long ass time kid...don't kid yourself when you think I can't and won't end you..."

The guy sneered and moved back. "True but while you've been in the game I haven't just lived in the darkness I was born in it....he sneered at Sarubia. "Let you have an unanswered justice in that anger Sarubia. You'll figure out quickly what our ruler knows he's meaningless to you. Just a possession your not happy our ruler took back." The brute said and moved back slipping into the shadows and using them to teleport away. He was no match for Sarubia but knew without an outlet for that rage namely him it was Misute who would feel his wrath...
Misute was in an odd place he was afraid of them afraid of everything but as he sat there on the floor his legs not wanting to move or work yet he was...........not afraid of Sarubia. He had never heard him like this never seen him like this but.......he wasn't afraid of him.........this had never been directed at him. He'd seen him destroy things in his office when upset with him but.....

He growled in anger as he slammed his fist into the wall beside him. "I'll kill you just wait and see..." he said lowly, coldly as he pulled his hand from the wall, the rubble falling away as he did. "No one gets away from me once they've touched what doesn't belong to them..."

Misute looked up as the darkness faded now that he was gone he sat there and then tried to get up....hope. No he hadn't had any hope but if he broke.......he'd break his promise. To him that was so incredibly important. It gave his life some sort of meaning as long as he held to it. He shifted placing his hands against the floor and tried to push up to be able to stand.

"Not right now." he said lowly, but it wasn't stern or angry. His anger came to a screeching halt when his targets of aggression were out of sight. "What you have to do right now, is be still, be patient and get can't do anything else until then."

Misute looked up slowly at him as he said not right now....he really messed up this time and shook his head. He looked up at Sarubia...."But...." he took a deep breathe. "It's...more then a....promise.....I want to....stay by your side....I can't now." He said lowly as tears fell he wasn't demanding emotion's he had seen it how dark felt it. But.......he also saw why that anger was......because they hurt *him*.......even if Sarubia couldn't let him feel didn't mean it wasn't there.

Misute shook his head and took a deep breathe. "I'm sorry."

"You are always allowed to be by my side, but as hurt as you are, you can't even stand up and can barely talk," he said as he sighed and kneeled down to Misute's level. "You need to heal, to feed and rest. You can't be where I want to go because you're please...let's just get you somewhere safe first."

Misute shook his head as Sarubia knelt down and then fell into him he really didn't have the strength but he clung to him holding on. "I...didn't understand...." He whispered holding on for dear life. "I'm sorry...." Sarubia had been showing him all along in his own way what he meant to him....and he hadn't been able to see the difference.

"You are always allowed to be by my side, but as hurt as you are, you can't even stand up and can barely talk," he said as he sighed and kneeled down to Misute's level. "You need to heal, to feed and rest. You can't be where I want to go because you're please...let's just get you somewhere safe first."

Misute shook his head as Sarubia knelt down and then fell into him he really didn't have the strength but he clung to him holding on. "I...didn't understand...." He whispered holding on for dear life. "I'm sorry...." Sarubia had been showing him all along in his own way what he meant to him....and he hadn't been able to see the difference. "You were showing your own way....." He said his voice was so hoarse it hurt to talk and his stomach felt sick. Whatever they made him swallow didn't settle well on his stomach.

Misute nodded as his fingers went a bit lax and he brought his hand down to his stomach it hurt but there wasn't much he was going to do about that then tipped his head his eyes tired and he did want to sleep and looked up at Sarubia. "Saru.....can we...go home?"
Kuri made his way through and up to the door his gun strapped to his leg and wearing what remained of his jeans his fingers were stained going over his hands in so much blood he brought his hand up and licked it off as he looked at them but Misute was seeing the eyes of an animal savage...primal. He hadn't used Hades once although he did take it back.......he had ripped them all apart with his bare hands for what they did.......his body covered in deep bruises and gouges from there 'hospitality.' He tipped his head and looked at Sarubia. "The rest are all.........dead." He spoke lowly his voice devoid of any an all emotion at the moment.

At the sound of Kuri, he had no choice but to let go of Misute for the moment and stood to look at his brother. "Good..." he said lowly. "You did your job well I assume?" he asked lowly as he looked at his brother. Upset that his brother had been harmed or even touched? Yes. But he couldn't and wouldn't show it. Not right now.

Kuri tipped his head as he was asked that. He stood up off of the door way and bowed. "They paid severely for what they did. Death did not come mercifully or quickly to any of them...." Kuri said bowing as he spoke. He righted. "I did as you would command of me."

Misute sat there too weak and tired to get up but Sarubia had gotten up to address let go of him he didn't know the full story there bits and pieces but he didn't get upset either.........a few of the men had said once that Sarubia was the only one who could truly handle Kuri......and that there were certain times it was best to not distract Kuri's attention from Sarubia because Sarubia was the only one.........he would not harm........but didn't know what they meant by that.

Kuri tipped his head no matter how far he came from then it was a part of him that forever existed and he after a moment at being told to come and have a bite he moved without saying thank you biting down on Sarubia.

Misute blinked but remained silent Sarubia hadn't told him to. But he was watching there was much about the Hitogorishi brothers he didn't know and he knew that but he had been told they were made to endure things but not why or what it did to them.

When Kuri came in close and sank his fangs into him, he closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his brother. It was...more intimate than most siblings. "You're such a good boy...always so makes me so proud..."

The last bit of aggressive tension left Kuri as he relaxed into feeding coming in closer as Sarubia held him feeding quietly as he brought his arms up. He still would not be completely center but he would be safe to be around Misute as long as nothing served to set him off.

Misute though tipped his head watching like a confused puppy....the way Sarubia was speaking it was more like one spoke to a well trained guard dog then a family member but.......something had been said about Kuri's upbringing before Sarubia got to him. As if balancing what was done and what he was teaching him had not been easy. And only certain key phrases and actions from him were okay ques.

Kuri continued to feed and brought his arms up to hold onto him. He was relaxed was deceptive Misute didn't know if it was safe or not those eyes had been.........frightening. Kuri opened his eyes though he was feeding and was well aware of the Upir and Misute in the room and the sudden hand coming up through Misute's shadow had a result that was un-expected as the guy teleported back in fully intent on grabbing Misute while everyone seemed to be distracted. Kuri was there his eyes weren't primal but animalistic as he whipped him around and slammed him down kneeling on his back and yanking his hair he leaned in and inhaled having not hurt Sarubia when he moved. The brute screamed in pain and terror........Kuri was after all using Zero's negation to cancel out this fools power while he couldn't use all of death's powers the basic Negation was one he could pick up. So could Saru if he wanted to.
"I want to rip you apart..........but your stench is all I know your not mine." Kuri breathed as he looked up at Sarubia.....Sarubia's 'play thing' had returned.

Misute blinked.........even while feeding Kuri had not.......when he stopped to think about it Kuri had been fighting even before they fully left the shadows.......what wasn't he understanding about these two?

"Easy boy..." he said as he moved to stand over them. "You can't kill that one...not that one..." he told Kuri as he looked down at the one who was on the ground. "I warned you not to mess with me and mine...but you people just never learn..." he mused lowly, darkly.

Kuri's gaze shifted down to the one he was holding before nodded. "Hai....." he answered lowly as he continued to hold him he'd give him to Sarubia at that response. But he'd hold him until Sarubia was ready for him now.

"What the...." The guy gasped and looked at him. "He's your freaking brother and you talk to him like he's an animal?" He laughed. "You think we're wrong to treat it the way we do."

"when you want him.......I'll move." He said lowly flatly but made no motion to harm the man further. He'd hold him though as long as Sarubia wanted him to.

MIsute blinked......Sarubia always got pissed when someone called Kuri an animal.....and the way he was talking but Kuri was responding. He sat there watching just being quiet and watching as Axel told him once that only standing his ground and learning........would he understand sure he was afraid of things right now but he didn't panic and choose to watch and understand these two.

Sarubia narrowed his eyes at those words. "My brother is not an animal," he said lowly, but the warning in his tone was clear. If this man kept up talking about his brother. Sarubia wouldn't be able to control himself much longer.

Kuri offered no response either way as if being called an animal didn't bother him. On some level it did he wasn't but there were 'trained' responses that he couldn't no matter the time get past or around since it was ingrained in him since birth to just shy of a year old. Saru had no other choice but to speak the way he did or Kuri would not respond right in this state a state they put him.

"Fine....but then what would you call it Sarubia? The way you talk to him the way he responds. You talk to him like one would talk to a dog." He said and cried out as the hand tensed on his head nails digging in slightly before they released Kuri hadn't like that........but this one wasn't his.

Misute just stared Sarubia.........he felt it the pain hit him in waves mixed in with that anger and hate......such a deep self hate too....because of the state Kuri was in. He brought his free hand up to cover his mouth this wasn't his fault......but this brute was digging at what he believed to be a wound....

Sarubia moved then, his heel coming down to grind on the man's fingers. Cold. That's all he felt right now. "My brother is no beast. My brother is more precious to me than your life ever will be..." he spat, the anger turning to pure hate. "My brother is on autopilot thanks to you pieces of shit..."

The guy screamed in pain as Sarubia crushed his fingers and tearing up looked at him. "Auto-pilot?" he repeated......."Because of make it sound like....." They had never in all there years of torturing others come across someone like Kuri you couldn't break him that way........the more you did it the deeper you did the torture the more dangerous he became.

Misute looked at them as Kuri's gaze traveled down to Sarubia's heel crushing the man's fingers he continued to kneel there. Kuri though after a moment rolled his gaze up to Sarubia. Waiting........for him to tell him what he wanted.

"You mean he's broken..........." the guy said laughing. "of course he broke he was freaking tortured!"

Kuri looked down at him. "torture? No......" He answered yeah they beat him and yeah they used him but thanks to there family unless it was Crusher who was alright by Sarubia or Sarubia who he could not live without.....they were violating property that didn't belong to them........he didn't break.....he killed....with no remorse.

A smile once again graced Sarubia's features as he chuckled and looked down at the one beneath him. "No...Kuri doesn't break...he gets...angry..." he mused lowly. "Unlike me, my brother gets angry. The more you hurt him, the angrier he becomes...until he has to either shut his anger down, or risk killing everything and everyone. Friend. Foe. Doesn't matter..."

"Angry...." The guy said lowly...."You mean.....most people break.......your talking the way you try to bring back out of his rage......."
Kuri tipped his head and looked at him then leaned in. "'s nice." The guy went wide eyed as he paused for a second....before looking at Sarubia.

"What is he talking about Rage is nice??? There's a bloody point beyond that??" The guy gasped.

"Pure hate," Sarubia responded simply. "There are stages of aggression. Anger, Violence, Rage, and lastly...pure, unadulterated hate..." he said lowly. "And the"

" mean...." he said as rolled his eyes he couldn't get free and then he heard laughter as Kuri moved lifting Misute up into his arms his eyes were those of an animal as far as the man was concerned but they weren't primal. The way he held the child was gentle the cool warmth of his body right now helping to keep Misute's fever down he was at a point where if they weren't a threat he wouldn't attack. But the hate was so intoxicating. The reason he could maintain that control right now.......Sarubia had fed him and Misute was in no condition to be a threat to anyone. The guy moved trying to scramble back his broken hand beyond useless and now in pain...he looked up at Sarubia. Misute had started to fall over when Kuri lifted him up. He blacked out. Saru was here it was safe was all he could think about even now.

Kuri looked at him and nodded. "I will allow none to touch him further.........or die."

"Fantastic..." he mused as he looked over at Kuri and then back to the one who was lower than dirt. "Pure hate is like a fine, deep, rich blood. You get a single taste, and all you want is more...more...more...until there's nothing left..." he said as he ground down on the man's broken hand once more. "It's a stage that I've...sadly...only achieved twice..."

The man cried out and looked at him through a hazy tears of pain. " almost sound jealous...." He said grabbing his injured wrist he couldn't get up and away. "He achieves it more then you?" he tried to jeer but it came out weak.

Kuri simply tipped his head........achieved? Suppose so more like he struggled out stay just above it at be able to be sociable. The one who lived in it was Zero Rei.

"I am jealous," he agreed lowly. "That I don't get to reach such heights...that I don't get to feel the ecstasy..." he said. "Kuri lives in a sea...barely keeping his head above water at times...but what I wouldn't give to be drowning in that sea..."

"What....." He looked between them. Then looked up at Sarubia. "You're telling me this is his normal state? Then what the heck were we dealing with before.........he.....slaughtered twenty five of us before one of us got lucky and took him down.......and that was by the skin of our teeth."
"Luck?" Kuri responded looking at him. "It wasn't luck you dumb caused him to scream in pain........I turned to get to him and you rammed something into my damn heart.....oh how I want to rip you apart for's a bitch when it explodes."

"What you were dealing with before...was him simply in rage..." he said as he smirked. " what he is. Who he truly is...but because I love my brother, I feel that he needs social activity. As such, he must become...obedient at the least...and because he only listens to one man...well...let's just go back to the concept of how you would have been safer to take me from my bed..."

"That....was rage." He said lowly. "How would it have been safer what he won't act if you don't tell him to."
Kuri smiled letting the man see his fangs as he did they were extended. "I would have." He said lowly. "After making certain this one was with ones who could he be trusted with his safety. In the end....there is only one who I will obey."

"He would have been less likely to kill all of you..." he answered. "But you see...he's been taught since, well...birth, that touching what doesn't belong to you is the greatest offense in the eyes of the family...that...and well...killing one of our loved asking for hell..." he said as he stood there, heel pressing down firmly on the man's hand. "You would have done well to have taken me put it simply, he knows that I'm a big boy and can take care of myself...after all...daddy didn't raise a fool..."

"He'd be less likely to kill everyone?? How is that any better!" The brute gasped wishing Sarubia would get off of his hand.

Kuri licked his lips. "Aniki doesn't need my protecting....but that doesn't mean those who touched him would be allowed to live........those who didn't I wouldn't touch unless he told me to or they attacked." Kuri bowed his head. "But this way? I'll kill all of you until he says differently touching the little one or not."

"What about you? Wither or not they touch you....." Kuri sneered. "They were dead the moment they touched me."

"My point," he began. "Is that by taking me, you could have saved so many of your clan..." he said as he stood there. "Only the few who were inside of me...or put their hands on me...would have died..." he said. "But this? his committed one of the biggest sins of the Yakuza...."

The man looked at him. "You can stop him from killing off the entire clan. You can order him to leave it and let it end here with only those of us who were involved."

Kuri's eyes narrowed as he looked at the man his lips curling back into a savage smile. He didn't hurt Misute but he looked at the man......that order............was likely one that would get him severely punished........he'd never obey........not even Sarubia.

"Wrong," he said. "If I were to order such a thing, the one who would be in danger would no longer just be you and your clan, but also myself." He took his heel off of the man only to bring it down on the man's arm, his elbow to be exact.

The man screamed in pain as he had his elbow stomped down on. Gasping and eyes watering he looked at Sarubia. "You would be in danger....he obeys you which means your orders are absolute......" He groaned looking at Sarubia so he missed Kuri licking his lips watching this whole exchange..........his gaze focused intently on them both........

"Wrong again," he said. "Right now, if you look behind me, I'm certain you will see the look of anticipation on my brother's face. He's waiting for me to fuck up so that he gets the chance to finally punish kill feel the sea swallow him up..."
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Misute awoke slowly coming around and looking around he was being held gingerly by Kuri whose eyes weren't all that healthy still. But they settled on a sight that had him staring. The Brute was in the chains that once held him arms pulled painfully up and out balancing on his toes. He was a bloody mess it was so hard to tell if there was any unmarred flesh on the guys back at all. His head rested against Kuri's shoulder. The guy though slowly lifted his head. "Too bad your a damn light belong in the dark...." he said bitterly as he looked at Sarubia. "But you ain't gonna make it much had this little one that broke because he was hurt by another it isn't anything compared to what we did to it....that one?" he paused to let out a dry laugh. "You won't ever be able to touch him like you want to again...."
Misute was quiet it hurt to speak still but.....he had no idea at all that part of there problem with his feeling un-needed and Sarubia having a hard time showing him was partly because........Sarubia didn't want to hurt him.........and well Misute didn't know how to tell him he wasn't wired to feel pain.....he thrilled in it much like a certain moon vampire Sarubia craved.

"Shut up," Sarubia snapped as he looked at the man in chains. "You're not in a position to be talking to me like that," he said lowly as he snapped the whip again, bringing it down on the man's back again.

The man screamed in pain and agony that hurt.....he swore Sarubia was attempting to cut thought him with nothing but the whip. "Oh seems I hit a sore spot. It must burn you up inside to know.......that boy will never accept your touch again......."

Misute though tired weak and not....much to his chagrin in control of his responses as much as he liked shivered at the sound of the whip crack and drew in a low sharp breath bringing his free hand up to bite down on his knuckle without drawing blood his body wanted to respond thrumming with the recent memory of the whip. Not now........was all that went through his mind certain that Sarubia would be livid and disgusted with him for it.......

Kuri though looked at the boy he was holding and tipped his head. "I'm curious as to what they 'broken'......"

Sarubia tossed the whip to the ground and brought his claws down to dig into the man's ribs. "Shut your damn mouth. You don't know shit about any of us..."

The man screamed in pain as Sarubia brought his claws in. He was panting as he looked at him. "Please there isn't anyone in the underground that doesn't know you were ready to give up everything and die for that broken little vampire who shivered and cried if someone even"

Misute was watching Sarubia what he was doing and that.....perhaps was his problem at the moment he shifted in Kuri's arms naked as the day was long and responding.....he bite down harder on his finger fighting to keep a moan from surfacing but if Sarubia kept that the state Misute was in.....seeing it was enough to........he had to crush it down just had to....

"Never...mention Kiyona...he was worth more than a dozen of your hearts on a silver platter..." he said lowly, but his tone was more than angry. It was sad, almost forlorn. "He didn't deserve what was done to him...he was pure..." he said as he rammed his hand through the guy's chest and tore his heart out.

Misute hadn't meant to it certainly wasn't the time or place and the sheer violence of it was insane but he as Sarubia spoke the man hadn't had the chance to scream in pain.......although he did get a sound as Misute moaned low in pleasure in the room his arm coming up to cover his frame and quickly bit down on his knuckle harder with caused him to have to swallow the second moan.

Kuri looked down at him less then amused he wasn't touching the boy and didn't want to be punished for touch him....never mind the fact that the kid was responding happily to Sarubia's more violent and aggressive side.....rather well in fact.

When the man began to ash, he withdrew his hand and tossed the heart to the ground. "You pieces of shit don't ever have the right to mention're not worthy..." he said as he brought his hand up and began to clean the blood away. When he turned to look at Misute, he narrowed his eyes and remained silent. He really wasn't in a good place right now, so he would remain where he was.

Misute closed his eyes........he felt like such a horrible creature at the moment to respond to the violence of the act the way he just continued to hold him. He was so utterly disgusting and he knew it. He couldn't blame Sarubia for not coming near him having heard that.

Kuri looked up at Sarubia. He didn't speak he could say easily that Kiyona was happy and loved being at Sarubia's side but his brother knew that and would be spoken cold and flat and certainly not in any way one should speak if they even dared to trespass there with Kiyona's name. Kuri closed his eyes a moment. It was a struggle but he managed to get enough emotion out of sheer hate to look at Sarubia and say in a calm but gentle tone. "Peace and happiness." Was all he said it was what Kiyona had told him to always remind Saru of that despite everything in the end he had found peace and happiness beside him he had always loved him in return.

He clenched his fists and unclench do them a few times before he closed his eyes and sighed, trying to calm himself down enough. "I know Kuri...I know," he said to his brother as he smiled a small, sliver of a smile before he turned his attention to Misute. "Wrong place, wrong time. No way in hell. Not until you're healed."

Misute looked over at him......quietly as he didn't curse him or say there was something wrong with him that it was the wrong place and time. "But I.....I'm dis...." He paused as Kuri snorted. If that made this kid disgusting then they all had a problem........the most treasured vampire among them all had a thing for it for centuries now.

Kuri nodded as he looked at Sarubia seeing that small sliver of a smile.

"Wrong place. Wrong time," he repeated lowly, sternly. If Misute even finished the word disgusting, he'd lose his temper again for sure. "Not until you've healed."

Misute looked at him feeling Kuri's fingers press in enough to be a warning but not to cause pain, leave a bruise or even harm him just a subtle tension that said 'don't' when he started to speak at first. He looked at Sarubia instead and nodded. "Hai....."

Kuri looked at Sarubia without a word on it knowing it was taking a lot of control for his brother right now.........he heard something from Misute he rather liked and Kuri knew it but there was no way Sarubia would indulge in it and risk seriously hurting to killing Mistue who was in no shape for something.......Sarubia would happily indulge in.

"If we don't go home...I'm going to find more to...entertain myself with..." he told Kuri lowly as he looked at his brother. "We need to go home..."

Kuri nodded as he looked at Sarubia. "Let's go. Shall we collect the little one outside on the way?" He knew by the threads of power he could feel in the air that Kira was still present and waiting. NO doubt to heal Misute when Sarubia brought him out and take them all home.

Misute looked between them and just let his head rest there he didn't argue. For whatever reason he realized........Kuri warned him not to push Sarubia right now. Just do as he asked.

He snorted. "His ass is waiting on us...he'll come even if we don't want him to..." he said snidely. But it wasn't as cold as it should have been. For all it was worth, Kira was at least remotely important to him.

Kuri smiled as he said that despite the snide tone the usual 'he's worthless' bite wasn't there. "Lets go then..." He said knowing that Saru even if he wouldn't admit it liked Kira a little bit.

Misute tired his body thrumming and just plain spent over all fell asleep again.

Kira was indeed waiting sitting on a rock beside Sarubia's car and just relaxing as he waited for the wasn't like they couldn't handle themselves.
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He had passed out unaware of all that transpired while he slept and sleep he did for several days healing up form the damage. Kira had, had a big help in that, healing the deep damage so that Misute could use his arms and legs without pain or suffering. He had been fed in his sleep and was resting. Unaware of anyone else in the room when he awoke. Misute sat up quickly and grabbed his head as that made it swim a bit having woken so fast. He had had an assortment of nightmares his time in that place had not been all that nice but at one point those nightmares shifted and changed unaware that was Kira attempting to bring his soul peace. But...he wasn't fully at peace.

Misute held his head and shifted getting up out of bed, not realizing someone had been sitting to the other side he padded into the bathroom wanting to shower wanting to clean up wanting.......something anything to chase off the nightmare that actually bothered him. He couldn't tell if it was a dream of the future or his own fears playing with him. He walked into the bathroom and paused seeing the floor length mirror and the one behind him he closed his was......horrible. The morbid scars rushed all over his back from his shoulders down to below his waist and over his mid thigh. Misute......closed his eyes as his hand rested against the glass of the mirror and then his forehead as his eyes closed. Between the scars which he hated.......he felt they made him disgusting now and the nightmare.........he trembled. In that horrible dream Sarubia looked at him with such disgust, the dream started with him making those low moans from the sight of pain and then in the room later with Sarubia looking down at him in disgust......when he reached out to touch him which Sarubia had never had a problem with allowing.......he smacked his hand away and walked away. Misute slide down to his knees and cried. But he had no idea this was falling into Sarubia's own nightmare.......his own worry that Misute would be broken worse then Kiyona....Kiyona had suffered at the hands of one man a horrible rape and abuse with a stapler and knife. It had left the newborn like him scared for the rest of his life. For Misute though..........the idea of Sarubia touching him didn't frighten him he had been through that before minus the searing rods to burn the scars into his back....'breaking the light' they called it.......but he desired the pain and had to crush it or give them what they wanted.....his fall his becoming like them. No what he feared.........was Sarubia hating and rejecting him not wanting to touch him....ever again because of what they had of the sounds he made from the violent act Sarubia had been doing the sheer way his body had started to respond. Even as Sarubia echoed 'Wrong time, Wrong place' in the back of his mind it did nothing to quiet his nightmare....his fear........

Sarubia had been sitting in the room silently for a long time, but he had fallen asleep in the chair and dreamed nothing but the most horrible dreams. His usual mental hell became worse when he was sleeping was as if it were all real, had sprung to life and was dragging him down into the darkest depths. In his sleep, he cried out in pain and fear. The scars covering his body something he had never earned in battle. When his cries woke him from his nightmares, he was shaking and breathing heavily. Terror was never a look many thought Sarubia would wear. But here, he wore it. He curled in the chair a little as he shook. "Another dream..." he whispered to himself lowly.

Sarubia had been sitting in the room silently for a long time, but he had fallen asleep in the chair and dreamed nothing but the most horrible dreams. His usual mental hell became worse when he was sleeping was as if it were all real, had sprung to life and was dragging him down into the darkest depths. In his sleep, he cried out in pain and fear. The scars covering his body something he had never earned in battle. When his cries woke him from his nightmares, he was shaking and breathing heavily. Terror was never a look many thought Sarubia would wear. But here, he wore it. He curled in the chair a little as he shook. "Another dream..." he whispered to himself lowly.

The sound of sheer terror had Misute forgo the idea of showering for the moment he moved quickly to the bathroom doorway in time to see the look of terror on his face. Misute clung to the door frame but didn't hear him say another dream it was too low for his hearing to pick up. Misute clung to the door frame to the bathroom seeing that look seeing him sitting there......he didn't know what caused it. Yet he found himself walking hesitantly across the room.....once before the red-head he reached out and froze his hand in the air above Sarubia trembling....he was so afraid.......afraid of what that dream showed him and had no idea if it was a vision or his own fears.......had him hesitating to touch him.....

When he heard and felt Misute so close to him, he looked up at the younger vampire before him, his eyes glassy as if he wee close to tears. He was still shaking and curled there in the chair as he fought to make himself remember that he wasn't in the past anymore, that he was safe and his family was dead. "Another...dream..." he repeated again in a shaky tone. This was a mantra he would have to repeat over and over to make himself come back to his senses. Every time he came home.

"Saru...." Misute spoke sadly his voice still a touch hoarse from everything and sleeping these past few days. Another dream? He didn't understand but he let his hand fall.....He didn't know what to do as he stood there before the one before him who always looked so very strong. Misute brought that hand that fell up to his arm and dug his own clawed fingernails into the flesh there crushing down the shiver that it caused as he always did he didn't feel pain it was pleasurable, as he felt the intense heat of his blood rolling down his arm from the tiny wounds, but......he didn't know what to do and certainly Sarubia wouldn't take kindly to his touching him. Misute stared at the a loss.

"Nightmares...they're not...real.." he told himself lowly as he stayed curled there, looking back down at the floor as he rocked himself a little. He needed to get a grip! "Kuri...Kuri!" he called out, the tears finally coming and falling as he put his hands to his head and shook it. Why? "Why?..."

Misute looked at him as he called out for Kuri....and took a step back away from him. The door opened Kuri having heard him and rushed in wrapping his arms around Sarubia as he held him and looked at his elder brother. "They're gone Saru-nii." He said simply. "There's nothing here that can harm you. Not hear me right?" He said lowly looking at him. "Never there would you hear me call your name........Sarubia."

Misute backed up and looked at them as they seemed lost in there own world. He closed his eyes then walked out as Kuri and Sarubia worked through whatever that was. He was useless to Sarubia and he knew it then. He walked back into the bathroom and turned on the shower.....wanting to get rid of the feeling of them not knowing how long he slept but what they did his mind still remembered.

Kuri leaned in and whispered in his ear. "You have something now that we never had there Saru. Something real that they can never take away from you. You have Misute...."

When his brother hugged him, he started to calm. To know that it wasn't real. That's all he needed. When Kuri asked if he could hear him, he nodded and sniffed, drying up his tears. "I...know they're not here anymore..." he said lowly and at the mention of Misute, he felt so guilty. He had looked right at the younger vampire, but had been so full of panic that he had called out for his brother.

Kuri looked at him. "There gone. I know there gone as much as you do but they're ghosts still haunt once and while." he looked at Sarubia. "But that's all they are......haunted memories...." Kuri sat back on his heels and looked at Sarubia. He reached up and placed his brothers hand over his beating heart. Closing his eyes. "This noisy thing.......still beats because you stopped them...that nightmare has ended long ago. We're stuck with it's echoes only."

Misute once the shower was going and to temp climbed in and placed his hands against the wall.....he had been right there and he had hesistated to reach out fully the scalding hot water rushed over his skin he hit the tiles over and over again feeling skin breaking shivering at the sensation as he was alone before kneeling down and wrapping his arms around himself and rocking.........if he was certain of anything at the moment it was the truth that he was disgusting and horrible.......he felt his heart breaking in his utterly useless to Sarubia as he rocked on his knees in the water and cried........what sort of horrible creature was he?

Sarubia nodded sadly, but didn't offer to say a word. He was too busy feeling guilty for what he had done to Misute. He was such a horrible man. He didn't deserve to be loved by anyone who was pure and gentle. Not a soul.

Kuri reached up and cupped the side of his brothers face. "Saru-nii........he needs you now more then ever....." Kuri paused and looked at him as he meet his brothers eyes. "And you need him......more then anyone you need that chylde.......don't let him slip through your fingers Aniki......"

Misute sat there in many times had he heard it in his life growing up from others? Any time he showed a hint of shivering at the 'pain' in pleasure. A monster who didn't belong in the light or the dark.........he didn't blame Sarubia for not wanting him......he wasn't aware of when he started doing it as the shower ran over him crying.......his claws began tearing through his own skin.. he shivered each time his body feeling a twinge of pleasure but not enough to be stimulating. His arms his sides......anything he could sink his claws into and rend flesh very disgusting....they had ruined him this time his body........and he himself did the rest when he.........he made no sound as he continued.

Sarubia moved, getting out of the chair as he had looked at Kuri and then away. As much as he loved his brother, his brother wasn't the person he was in love with. Never would be. In silence, he moved to the bathroom and opened the shower door and grabbed both of Misute's hands, lifting him up off the shower floor. "Get up. Stand up and have some damn dignity!" he snapped as he held firmly to Misute's wrists.

"Stop this idiocy. There's no sense in marking yourself. Regardless of if it will heal in minutes or not," he said as he felt the water running over his arms and his chest. He wasn't fully in the shower, but it was enough to get part of his clothes wet.

"Stop.....just please...........stop...." He said lowly despite the angry firm words Sarubia was he held his wrists so firmly making him stand in the shower. "I'm vile....filthy disgusting.......I know it....." He looked up at him shaking his head that dream.........and Sarubia just a bit ago. "You don't have to force yourself to touch me......" He said shaking his head......

With those words, Sarubia let go of Misute's wrists and slapped the younger vampire. "Never...say those fucking words..." he said lowly. Those words had hurt more than anything. "If you're disgusting...what does that make my damn brother?!"

Misute bite down on the gasp of pleasure from the sudden introduction of pain......the sting on his cheek as he stood there head turned. Staring through teary eyes at the shower wall. He shook his head. "He's not." he whispered lowly Kuri wasn't. But he fell silent again as he stood there and closed his eyes....his chest ached. "I am...." but he didn't finish the sentence. Mostly because he didn't know how to finish it once he started.

"If you're disgusting, then I'm the scum of the earth," he said lowly, bitterly. "Because if the only 'flaw' you have is getting off on pain...I'm the one who's fucked up beyond repair..." he said lowly. "I'm the one who doesn't deserve to be loved..."

Misute opened his eyes and turned his head to look at him. "That's not for you to decide!" He countered in anger at the last as looked at him that he was the one who doesn't deserve to be loved..."That isn't up to you! Others decide that." He said in tears as he looked at him and paused.........then looked down. "I...." He whispered calmer....."don't get off on it........I...thrill in it...." he whispered staring at the expensive flooring beneath his feet. "I....don't want to become see you......walk away......"

"Because it's what I've been told since I was born! Then I met you......" He said looking up at him as he was saying that in anger.....he could hear it. "I........get visions in my sleep......I saw you before you came in the alley. But this time was the nightmares of what they did.....but then it changed........." He said shaking. "And you looked at me and walked away...disgusted and slapped my hand away.....but I don't know.......I can't tell the difference between a vision or a dream until the vision comes barely touched me before and now after this?" He whispered shaking his head as he stood there. Having no idea at all Sarubia had been worried about hurting him....."I can handle.......what they did. I can't....loose you.....that would be what breaks me.."

"I don't give a rat's ass about what they told you!" he snapped. "Everything they fed you was lies! I can't..." he paused, his voice lowering. "I can't see you as the monster you think you are..." he said. "I can be hurt by everyone else...but your words...cut deeper than theirs..." he said in a hushed tone. "And when you call yourself disgusting and all of these other things...I can't help but think that if you're the lowest of the low, the most vile creature to ever walk this planet...what am I? What is my brother? What is Aoi, Neikan and Kira?..."

Misute looked up at him so confused as he looked at him. "Then what am I?" He cried looking at him......if everything they told him everything he fought against was a lie that he wasn't a monster.....something vile then what was he? He hurt and without thinking about it his hands came up to hit him lightly in the chest before holding onto the wet shirt he was shaking from head to toe. "What am I?" he whispered as his shoulders shook. "I don't see any of you as monsters......lowest of the low your all incredible......."

"You're you," he responded lowly. "You're Misute..." It was such a simple answer, but it was always the answer Kira had given when someone had asked the question 'What am I?' "You're a perfect example of everything that I'm not...and you're the only other person...who I can't lose...ever..."

He hadn't really done it yet.....not since it all started but now as he tipped his head a moment looking up at Sarubia his eyes widened slightly as he said if it was always and had been that simple. He was himself....his arms moved even as his head lowered and he cried quietly not some deep wailing thing but a full bodied if finally everything he had been through before and after his capture by them expect for the small time with Sarubia finally broke free and loose......his fingers clung to Sarubia's shirt as his shoulders shook quietly. Holding on for sheer desperation his knuckles white as if afraid of waking and this being another dream or Sarubia disappearing even as he held to him.

"My worst fear...isn't my past..." he said lowly as he stood there, his arms coming up to wrap around Misute. "My worst fear is watching another pure being die because I loved them...and they were taken from me...while I wasn't around to save them..." He was soaked now, but he didn't care. "I have a tendency to love those who are smaller, weaker than myself...not because they can't fight back against me...but because...they're pieces of myself that I've lost along the way..."

Misute listened to him speak as they stood there in the shower nodding as he spoke and then looked up at him as he calmed a bit having been crying for a while and getting it out. "No matter what happens.......I'll hold on for you." He said softly lowly as he looked up at him. "Nothing they could do to me would ever hurt worse.......then denying how I feel about you...." He said lowly shaking his head as he brought it down to rest against his forehead against Sarubia's chest again. "Dying doesn't frighten me........denying who I am.......that I Love in fear of these feelings.......of what it could mean does. I don't want to look towards years form now.......I don't know what may come......the past is already long and gone....all I can do is hold onto the present.....I don't care what may come so long as I get there at your side."

"I don't care how many fights we have or how angry I get...I was always worried about hurting you," he said lowly after a while of silence. He hadn't known what else to say. "I was afraid of hurting you...because...Kiyona...the one I loved before I met you...was so sickly and fragile...I always had to be so gentle with him..."

Misute looked at him as he said that....spoke and his hands rested against Sarubia's chest. "He meant the world to you." He said but there was no jealousy there. He wasn't the sort to get jealous over that Kiyona had his time with Sarubia and obviously his love.

Misute nodded as he looked at his hand now resting on Sarubia's chest having pulled back only slightly to look up at the taller vampire. "I....didn't know how to tell you....that I......thrill in pain.....I was so afraid that if I said it...let it out you'd not want me anymore....that what they said always in the past would become truth..." He said sadly. "I thought if I tried to tell you to explain'd think of me as some dark hideous creature.......that I would become them...." He shook his head. "You're always talking about me being pure and the such and here.....I carve something like that.......I...." He paused. "I was afraid you'd hate me for it...that it would mean I'd have lied to you in some way..."

"I would never think of you as some dark hideous're the most beautiful thing that I've laid eyes on in so long..." he said lowly. "So beautiful, in fact, that I thought I'd ruin you if I touched you...that I'd be stealing some sort of grace or angelic power you had because...I was so sure you were an angel..."

Misute blinked when he said that....shaking his head. "I'm not.... " he said startled. "I'm really not...I have not the wings to fly.....never have." he looked at Sarubia. "You place me too high.......I'm nothing so incredible......" he said stunned that Sarubia put him in such a place.

"But to me...who lives their life in so much're an angel walking among men..." Sarubia said lowly. "To me, It doesn't matter if you like to wear fucking panties to get your jollies. I still think you're perfect..."

Misute blinked as he said that shaking his head he knew Sarubia was being so very serious but to have him say that about panties his shoulders started shaking for a different reason one not so sad and something he had not thought he'd do.....hadn't done......he had smiled for Sarubia plenty of times but he couldn't recall laughing.......he was now. Light and whimsical yet dark and sultry was his voice and his laughter he shook his head and looked up at him. "I'm sorry it's just....the panties comment...." He said smiling as he looked up at Sarubia.

He smiled, actually smiled when Misute started laughing. Such a beautiful sound and sight. "It's like music..." he said lowly. "Music to my ears..."

Misute looked up at him as he said that and then moved letting his arms slide around Sarubia's neck which meant standing on his toes but that was fine as he hugged him. "I....have never had a reason to laugh.....didn't even know if I knew how to......." he said quietly. "I' to find your side no matter the ups and downs....." His voice still held echoes of the mirth and laughter to it. "If it means.....I can see you smile again."

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