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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot)

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PostSubject: Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot)   Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot) EmptyMon Apr 20, 2015 9:00 pm

Full Name: Aoi Rei (青い 零).
Meaning of Name: Blue Nothingness.
*Nickname: N/A.
*Alias(es): N/A.
*Sexuality: Bisexual.
Sex: Male.
Species: Vampire/Avatar.
Clan: Ryu (Dragon).

Human Appearance
Human Age: 23.
Human Eye Color: His true eye color is ice blue, but due to his past, he now has his right white with a black pupil and his left ice blue.
Human Hair Color: Black.
Type of Build/Body: Slender, Muscular.
Height: 6'3''.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks:  On his chest is a giant tribal dragon, This takes up his entire chest and the tail comes down just below his ribs. 
Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot) Dragon_Tribal_by_redvarg

Image(s) For character: 
Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot) Aoi1_zpsuk1thj0s

Dragon Appearance
Eye Color: His true eye color is ice blue, but due to his past, he now has his right white with a black pupil and his left ice blue.
Scale Color: Ice Blue.
Type of Build/Body: 
Distinguishing Marks: N/A.

Image(s) For character: 
Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot) Wayfinders%20tshirt%20Logo1_zpszbreecki

Drgon Information
Type: European.
Class: Elemental.
Element: Earth.
Description: They are known to be a wise, kind and caring clan. Earth Dragons will do anything to help any other creature. They are one of the oldest clans and have the name "The Healers" or "Guardians".

Wolf Appearance
Eye Color: His true eye color is ice blue, but due to his past, he now has his right white with a black pupil and his left ice blue.
Fur Color: Black.
Type of Build/Body: 
Height: 5' 3''.
Weight: 130 lbs. lbs.
Distinguishing Marks:

Image(s) for Character: 
Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot) Aoi%20mystyle_zps0stsrf7t

Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot) Aoi_zpse01a1ee1

Big Cat  Appearance
Eye Color: His true eye color is ice blue, but due to his past, he now has his right white with a black pupil and his left ice blue.
Fur Color: 
Type of Build/Body: 
Distinguishing Marks:

Image(s) For character: 
Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot) Blade_and_Soul_Style___Part_3_by_reaper78_zpskde14kr8

Attitude/Personality: Aoi, having the same sire as Neikan, is considered to be brothers with Neikan. And as such, has some of the same personality traits as Neikan. He can often times come off as rude and dark. He tends to hurt people's feelings on accident and doesn't notice that he does it unless told that he did. He also seems childish at times and has a dark, but sweet charm about him. Unlike Neikan however, Aoi is silent and doesn't often talk unless speaking to Neikan.

Like Neikan, his eyes never change color when he's thirsty, he does, however, become more animalistic and violent. He can seem innocent and beautiful when he's doing what he loves. His Ability to play guitar is his most prized achievement in his undead life. He can also seem to be egotistic and a jerk at times thanks to his still present, despite him being bisexual, male pride. Aoi also doesn't listen to anything anyone tells him. He only seems to respond to what his younger brother tell him to do.

Over the years Aoi has opened up a bit more and thanks to current events been reborn with all of his emotions intact and the darkness that threatened to consume him taken away. Although others have tried none hold his heart more then Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki his husband.

Aoi is insanely protective of Kira to a fault. No one dares insult him or threaten to take him away or Aoi becomes violent to the one who has dared to threaten him. A gentle man when it comes to his children and Kira, he has many children and two by Kira himself.

*Talents: He can sing and draw.

Organization Affiliation
Organization Name: Magic Council.
Class: Leader.

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: Dragon Clan
Rank: Leader.

Ruling Information
Ruling Area: Peace.


*Special Abilities:

  • Supernatural Beauty-User is supremely beautiful and use it to affect others. This power is divided into two separate but interlocking aspects:

    The user is always, and under any circumstances, physically, personally and socially perfect, graceful and flawless, without anything that would make them look unattractive or distract from their presence. They are perfectly aware how to increase their appeal by apparel, action or choice of words, but even these are simply details to enhance their natural appeal. For example, someone with this ability rising straight from the bed after hard nights partying and wearing rattiest possible clothes would make even best supermodel primped to perfection look homely in comparison.

    Secondly user is able to affect other people, both by affecting their minds, emitting pheromones and generally being a perfect companion and/or object of admiration. At the lower level user could make complete stranger treat them like their closest friend in only a few minutes and be perfectly willing to help them in any way they need. Someone with more power could make anyone treat them like someone who is privileged to do and get anything they wish and be admired and even loved for it. At the higher level user could make people fulfill their smallest suggestion, although not against their deepest principles. At the most powerful they could simply eradicate free will, making everyone slavishly devoted to the user and willing to do anything to please them.

  • Supernatural Survivability-The user is able to survive massive and even horrific injuries or damage, or almost any level of danger or circumstances. In some cases simply managing to cheat death even in seemingly inescapable and deadly situations.

  • Unnatural Presence- The user's mere presence in an area or proximity to an individual can result in bizarre changes to the surrounding areas including loss of superpowers, weather changes, paranoia and hostility in people in the area and inexplicable disasters.On the negative side to the positive effects of a Super star arriving, without being aware were. The feeling of being in the presence of something grand or powerful, of something pure peaceful or in a chaotic situation that everything suddenly will be without explanation alright.

  • Enhanced Agility-User with this ability can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.

    Agility is "the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration", the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance.

       Peak Human Agility: User's agility is at the peak of perfection. Although, not a supernatural level.
       Supernatural Agility: User's agility is superior to what natural can accomplish
       Absolute Agility: User's ability is limitless, it is impossible to strike the user.  

  • Enhanced Combat-The user is unbelievably skilled in most known forms of fighting. They can be exceptionally proficient in the fighting traditions of a variety of cultures and become advanced with their own individual methods of close quarter combat, including martial arts (from all over the world), boxing, and wrestling. They can also become super-humanly skilled in their use of weaponry.

  • Enhanced Durability-The user's physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing them to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.

  • Enhanced Endurance-Users can operate on a low power setting, allowing them to operate for an extended amount of time. They can hold their breath for longer periods of time and remain calm through stressful or painful situations, tolerate extreme hunger, unbearable thirst, and strong urges to sleep.  

  • Enhanced Senses-The user has extremely accurate senses, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and/or feel more than an average member of their species.
    The Five Senses:

       Enhanced Hearing: Ears pick up every single sound, and can decipher layer upon layer of noise; has the ability to pick up a conversation from a mile away in a busy city. May even mutate into Echolocation.
       Enhanced Smell: Users can detect specific smells, and locate their origin. Some may even be able to tell if some one is lying by which hormones they excrete.
       Enhanced Taste: Users may be able to detect poisons or other problems, Usually accompanies enhanced smell.
       Enhanced Touch: Some can feel so acutely that to rub the users hand on a paper would be like reading the page, sensing every bump ripple or wave. Some may even be able to tell of distant occurrences felt through vibrations in the earth.
       Enhanced Vision: Can see with amazing clarity, distance, or color, perhaps even in a different spectrum of light or into other dimensions.

  • Enhanced Awareness: All senses are attuned to nearby activity.

  • Enhanced Balance: Sense of equilibrium and ability to use it well.

  • Night Vision -User has excellent night vision, the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range.

  • Enhanced Speed-Users can move much faster than the average member of their species, some near or at the speed of sound, or even faster. However, this power is not without any ill effects, as it can strain the body, although some users may be resistant or even immune to the effects of high speed travel, including friction, g-force, inertia, etc.

  • Enhanced Strength-Users have incredible ability to defy weight limitations of the member of their race, but not completely break them. Dense, lengthy, or overweight items are easy to move and simple to use in nearly any manner. Users can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor -The user can rapidly regenerate, in other words, they recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs, sometimes slowing, or even stopping, aging. The rate and amount of healing varies widely (see Levels of Regeneration), some can regrow missing limbs, others must put the limb back in place for rapid regeneration. They are generally in very good physical shape as their bodies are constantly reverting to healthy state.

Weakest Level

  1. Minor to moderate wounds heal near-instantaneously, to the point of as though they never happened.
  2. Lost limbs and internal organs may be completely regenerated.
  3. Damaged nerves can be healed to a certain extent.
  4. Cellular senescence is drastically reduced, if not completely halted, granting decelerated aging/eternal youth.
  5. Critically and fatally damaged cells can regenerate, preventing scars.
  6. User can regenerate as long as the head/brain is damaged to no more than a certain level.
  7. Disease Immunity
  8. User is near-completely unaffected by toxin or drugs.
  9. Destruction of the head is one of the few sure methods to ensure the user of this level's death.
  10. Healing strength may be so powerful, the blood is enriched with healing powers that can be used to heal others.
  11. Tumorous cells may actually be multiplied via regeneration as they are considered living cells.

Normal Level

  1. Cellular regeneration and rejuvenation would be so powerful, the user would be close to true immortality.
  2. Brain cells and nerves can be completely repaired, to the point of keeping the mind intact.
  3. Decapitation can be reduced in effectiveness as the user can reattach their heads an seal the cut.
  4. Contaminant Immunity
  5. User is forever in their optimal health and physical prime.
  6. Tumorous cells will be healed to the point of returning to their optimal, healthy form.
  7. The only way to inflict long term exhaustion and injury on the user is to use attacks faster than the speed of regeneration at a repeated rate.

Royals/Strongest/ Level

  1. User may regenerate completely as long as one cell or even molecule remains intact.
  2. Decapitation would be pointless as user can regenerate a head, or the head can regenerate a whole new body.
  3. Impossible to exhaust or permanently injure, regardless of attack speed.
  4. Removal of soul or temporal erasure are the only methods of killing the user.

  • Blood Consumption-The user can absorb (usually by ingesting) the blood and/or bodily fluids of others for either sustenance, offensive, defensive, or regenerative purposes.

  • Blood Empowerment-User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come into contact with or are near blood, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the blood or even slow or stop aging.

  • Vampirization-The user can transform other beings into vampires. Usually humans are most common in the transformation, but other beings can also become vampires as well.
       Requires a certain action to function, ranging from a bite/blood-sucking to a specific ritual like removing all of the blood in the candidate and replacing it with the vampire's blood.

  • Natural Weaponry-The user possesses some form of natural weaponry, including claws, fangs, horns, beaks, clubbed tails, etc., and know how to use them.

  • Claw Retraction-The user can project and retract razor-sharp claws from their fingertips for offensive purposes.

  • Fang Retraction-The user's teeth are abnormally sharp and can deliver a deadly bite. In some cases, the teeth may even be retractable.

  • Enhanced Bite-The user has particularly strong bite, because of sharp teeth, strong jaw-muscles,  Exactly what they can bite depends on the  jaw-strength,and resilience of their teeth/bite-surface and their shape.

  • Shape-shifting- The user can shape-shift their form, transforming and reshaping down to the genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance one's body to combat, either by turning into animal, monsters or make the body stronger. Users with particularly flexible abilities can manipulate their form at will, combining abilities, traits, etc, even being able to form limbs into weapons and reforming after being blown apart by explosives.

    • Telepathy- The user can mentally receive and/or transmit information. Users of this power are often called Telepaths or Mind Readers. 

    • Illusion Manipulation- The ability to manipulate what others perceive, such as making them see things that aren't actually present, or not see things that are.

    • Psychic Shadow- The ability to mask psychic presence, hiding from other psychics.

    • Psychic Shield- The ability to erect a psychic shield to protect the minds of oneself and/or others.

    • Binding- The ability to restrict the movements of others via the mind.

    • Darkside View- The ability to communicate with and bring out the dark side of a person's personality.

    • Download- The ability to quickly process, store, or download information through another's mind.

    • Emotion Manipulation- The ability to make one feel pleased, happy, pained, or any other emotion.

    • Lightside View- The ability to communicate with and bring out the good side of a person's personality.

    • Mental Projection- The ability to project thoughts into reality.

    • Mind Control- The ability to manipulate the minds of other via thought process.

    • Mind Exchange- The ability to transfer one's mind into another's body, taking control of that body; can be done in inanimate objects as well, telekinetically controlling it.

    • Mindscape Transportation- The ability to transport physical matter into ones conscious or subconscious thoughts.

    • Neurocognitive Deficit- The ability to shut down an opponent's higher brain function.

    • Pain Inducement- The ability to induce an illusion of pain.

    • Psionic Inundation- The ability to launch psi-bolts to cause mental damage.

    • Psychic Constructs- The ability to generate constructs out of mental energy.

    • Psychic Energy Manipulation- The ability to produce and manipulate mental energy.

    • Psychic Inhibitors- The ability to place inhibitors in the mind to limit another's capabilities.

    • Psychosomatic Illusion- The ability to create powerful illusions that may cause severe physical damage.

    • Pushing- The ability to implant memories, thoughts, and emotions into others.

    • Audible Inundation- The ability to create voices and sounds in the minds of others.

    • Consciousness Transferal- The ability to transfer ones mind to a new body if the users body is destroyed/killed.

    • Mind Link- The ability to develop a permanent mental bond with any person, also called imprinting.

    • Mind Melding- The ability to fuse one's consciousness with another.

    • Omnilingualism- The ability to intuitively understand new languages.

    • Psychic Communication: The ability to open up secret conversations and relay covert information.

    • Psychic Navigation- The ability to create a mental map of the area.

    • Psychic Wave Manipulation- The ability to generate and manipulate thought waves

    • Sensory Scrying- The ability to perceive through the sense of other beings.

    • Telempathy- The ability to communicate through emotions.

    • Telepathic Relay- The ability to act as a mental relay station for a group of minds, allowing said minds to "speak" to one another through the user.

    • Telepathic Speaking- The user of this power can speak by using their mind combined with mental powers.

    • Thought Manifestation - Project one's thoughts telepathically.

    • Thought Manipulation- The ability to control the thoughts of others

  • Psychokinesis- The mental movement or motion of solid matter. The user can move thing with their mind, no matter the size and weight, and distort things (i.e. bending metal or steel).


.:Weapons Information:.

History: Aoi was born on April 22, 1990 to a rich family in America, but was never happy as a child. His father was abusive and abused him in every way he possibly could. But Aoi never complained. His mother was his light and would dry his tears when he would cry. She would sing to him and run her fingers through his long, black hair and calm him. She even let him learn to play the guitar and taught him to sing. But soon enough, his mother died and he was left to deal with his father....

Ever since Aoi was in Jr. High, he's always liked guys. He had also always had a history of not being able to keep his hands to himself. Once he got into High School, his habit of being grabby got worse. Some students got used to his habit, others hated or feared him for it. They always thought that he was strange anyway. Since he never said much and always wore a face mask. Aoi was into Visual Kei and not many people in his school liked it. He was one of but only a handfull that liked Visual Kei. 

One day as Aoi was walking home from school, a gang of those he thought were his friends cornered him, tormented him with their words, stripped him, and raped him. When they were finished, they left him on the streets in the cold to die. Filled with despair, Aoi soon after tried to commit suicide but failed and was instead left with scars on his body and broken ribs and a broken leg and arm.

Aoi graduated high school and went to college, leaving his father and his torment behind. For college, Aoi moved to Tokyo, Japan and finished learning Japanese, to the point that it nearly became his mother tongue, and graduated college at the top of his class with two others. 

Though not many know this, Aoi and Neikan come from nobility. From an early age, the noble famliy of the Day walkers had chose both Aoi and Neikan to become the princes of the Day walker clan. When they reached the proper age, the age that they were considered to be young adults, the head of the clan turned them. The two have a strange way of showing how they feel for one another. The two seeming to be flirting with one another.

Over the years, he grew into a young man and learned how to play guitar. After which, he was turned into a vampire and met his younger brother, Neikan. It was then that Aoi swore that he would be loyal to the noble family, and to his brother. It is thought that after that, was when Aoi formed his love for Neikan. Ever since then, the two have been together through everything. Aoi, as it can be noticed often, despite him being the older sibling, takes orders from Neikan as if he were superior. The two siblings are now both members of Hopeless Beauty, the under ground band Neikan formed and has become quite popular.

Much has happened over the centuries Aoi has died several times been reborn had children both adopted and born by several partners. All of that and still he had not found his balance. That is until Kyasha came to visit him with his assigned body guards and offered him a way to be fixed to remove the darkness that was threaded into him when he was reborn as a vampire. Now that it has been removed he has once again become a child with emotions and everything intact and whole. Having to grow up again and this time having a true chance at happiness and what brings him even greater happiness and joy is the fact that Kira has promised that he will be there all the way through waiting for him to grow up and promised to stay with him through it all......he had not thought it possible after he had cast him out ten years ago told him to leave and found him again only to discover that Kira's love for him had not lessoned at all but remained just as strong and pure as it had been before.
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Aoi Rei (青い 零) (Reboot)
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